Ahhh… shhhh~

Oh heck…
It doesn’t matter how things will be later today or in the coming weeks.
I’m tired of so many things bogging down my head.

It’s pretty hard to keep smiling through the rainy days.
To walk on as if nothing had happened.
Always looking up and forward, thinking that it will all be okay.
I was the total opposite of this last time and although, it feels a little better walking along with this method…
It feels more like bottling up, yet, putting messy things into its place on the shelves.
Taking one thing at a time.

Well, to an extent, it’s okay.
How in the world have I become this patient?

All I feel like doing is …

And then…



❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Ahhh… shhhh~

  1. Yeah you need a punching bag hahaha. Or a game to kill kill KILL kILLLL that ass. And feel a little better.

    One step one puddle to conquer at a time sink or swim or just have wet feet. Keep moving on to the other side.

    Be well Icesabel
    big hugger.


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