Randomness =D


How reality in gaming goes~

Every freaking meeting at work~

I was close to throwing a laptop at someone last week… no joke~

Who do you think I am? Lying to me about not dropping that laptop and causing an error that clearly stated that the HDD is dead! WTH? I actually wouldn’t mind if you say it straight in my face why the problem occured. Yes, really. But, never.. EVER lie to me as if I would never find out! ;….;

Got so pissed~

Dang… didn’t expect this “randomness” post to be so negative…. so…

Before I end, here’s something I’d like to share~

“Every pro was once an amateur.
Every expert was once a beginner.
So dream big and start now.”

Well, unless you’re a n00b (not referring to newbies).
N00bs never learn and they stay a n00b forever. >_>

❤ Icesabel


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