World of Warcraft 10 Year Anniversary @ Zouk Singapore

Zouk Singapore
17 Jiak Kim Street, Singapore 169420
23 November 2014, Sunday 7pm – 11pm

From their FB:

We’re celebrating the 10 epic years of World of Warcraft!


Everyone who considers themselves a World of Warcraft fan, which includes players who…
…who want to give Garrosh another round of good old fashioned beating
…reminisces about raiding the Black Temple
…still brags about clearing the old 40-man Molten Core
…remembers swimming across continents to avoid going pass enemy faction territory (with a coin on their keyboard)
…who made friends while walking through the Barrens
…the pain of saving up gold to buy your first flying mount
…knows what we mean when we say… dots, more dots.. stop dots!

We also welcome those who, over the years have been…
…got aggro’ed by their significant others
…taken away by real life
…raid real-life bosses
…and always goes to /rage quit.

Admissions is free for all! Register at

We’re also mailing out physical invites to people who register above (limited to a few!) so let us know if you’re coming as soon as possible!

We’re putting Darkmoon Faire in real life. Zouk might not be purple and green, but we’ll have fun games for people to play. Playing the games earn you points that you can redeem for cool prizes. Think about it like a WOW arcade!

We also have Blizzard merchandise for sale by Epic Loot if there’s other stuff you want to buy!

Lucky draw includes in-game items (which includes a certain rare polar bear mount from 2008…/grin)

We just want everyone to have fun and celebrate with us, feel free to bring your friends (even if they don’t play WOW!)

***Don’t forget to register for the event at***

Looking forward to enjoying an EPIC day!



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