Makeup Remover Recommendation

If you’re like me, a fan of waterproof mascara, you might dreading wiping it off at the end of the day.
The skin around the eye area is very delicate.
Unfortunately, I tend to mistreat it at times, as well… hur hur hur.

Just as many other brands and products that I’ve tried, it took a long time before I found my fave and stuck to it.
There definitely are a lot of them out there, whatever your preference.
Cleansing milks, oil-based, alcohol-based, soap-based..
From the higher-end to the lower-end brands.

Hands down to the Biore makeup remover.

I have very oily and sensitive skin which is prone to breakouts.

For tough waterproof mascara, press it down a little on your lashes for a few seconds before wiping.
It’d get “soaked” up with the product, thus, being removed easier and faster afterwards.
Most non-wipes are a real mess and really annoys me for the black mess on my eyes, face and hands.
In addition to that, oil-based products that eases out tough mascaras would most likely cause a breakout on my skin.
But, not this one.
Plus, for the 44-sheets costs about SG$15, I think.
I’d prefer buying the 10-sheets (a loss of 4 sheets, but, about the same price if you add it up to 40 sheets)… only because somehow, the sheets dry up fast whenever I’d accidentally not close the lid tightly.

That doesn’t mean you don’t wash your face with your usual face cleanser after using a cleansing wipe though!
It might look clean and feel great (my face actually does feel clean after the wipe), but, the normal grime will still linger.
So, the normal routine of face washing should never be skipped.

I’ve been using this for more than a year now.
Loving it!!!

❤ Icesabel



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