It was my sister-in-law’s solemnisation on Saturday afternoon and a friend’s wedding dinner after that until 11pm.
SIL’s wedding was held the whole of Sunday… helping out with a lot of things.
/looks at my dark rings and eye bags

Only got to play games for a mere 3 hours since Friday!!!

Grumbling to myself most of the time, because, I’m quite addicted to playing my DH.


My hubby was asking.. “why don’t you go back to being a huntard?”
*In WOW, hunters are called huntards*
I’ve got to say, I made an excellent huntard (when I feel like annoying certain people)!!!
Bwahahahaha~ *trolling*

It’s just that, since *the beginning of time* the first time I gamed, if I had the choice to choose between classes, I’d choose one who uses a bow (or… hurhurhur… a healer/medic).

Talking about D3, in Diablo, Hellfire, D2 and LOD, I would only play archer/amazon.
But, when I moved to D3, I was inspired to primarily play the wizard.
Pretty much sums me up… I play only what I like to play… whatever makes me happy.
Very insistent to not play the DH, until I decided… well, since I have no freaking idea how to maximise my Wiz anymore, I might as well, try all the other classes.
The WD was because of my short of gold issue which I’ve talked about a couple of weeks back.
The DH was my 3rd installation and I was randomly being a noob, doing no damage and following my guildies around, picking up loot at the back and getting killed like there’s no tomorrow.
When… *ting*… a Calamity dropped and I got hooked.
*Calamity = 20% extra damage on all enemies that you hit*
Yeah.. it all starts with an item and you build something around it.


I’ve got 2 interviews for the past week, both asking for a second interview.
Hoping to get an offer from the first company that called me… I prefer that job scope.

I was thinking of taking more time to think about what I really want to do next.
But, because of all the negativity surrounding a lot of things, it’s pushing me so much to want to let this seat go.
Guess my patience was running thin with the current situation.


A LOT of people are saying that I’ve gained a lot of weight.
In some ways, I don’t really care… except that I think my tummy doesn’t look as awesome.
My jeans are getting tight at the bum.. rofl~ and I was a high-waist 24″ and a low-waist 26″… until now.
I know that my lineage holds a skinny disposition (aka underweight) until after giving birth.
But, I’m not even pregnant yet. >_>

Maybe they should’ve said after 30 years old?
Doesn’t matter.
I don’t mind the extra curves on the body.
But, I do mind that people keep saying that my face is round.
Nah… I actually don’t mind that either.

What bothers me a little is the fact that… my mother in law (keeps pestering me), grandmother (who has amnesia) and I don’t know how she can remember me being married because she kept asking me the same question more than 20 times on my wedding day if the guy beside me is my hubby, only once by my mum just because she said I’m already 30 and countless times by everyone else because they see me gaining weight.
No one has ever saw me “filled up” than I am right now.
Actually, I’m still considered as underweight because I’ve not even achieved that 45kg to reach the acceptable weight for my height.
But, I’ve only reached 42kg once or twice in my life (which made me really happy.. lol).

Everyone seems to be curious to how I’m going to gain weight if I’m preggie.
Practically….. anyone who knows me.
I have my suspicions…



A month back, my group of friends, together with my hubby went overseas for a weekend trip of water park fun.
Somehow, the both of us were dressed “too well” even on the most mundane trip to the movies…
Whilst the rest were dressed in shorts and slippers.
They called us the “Korean stars couple”.

*South Korean kpop trend of being perfect*

We.. just… like to dress up most of the time.

I’m off~

❤ Icesabel



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