Perfect Job Interview

Loved this article.

Script for a Perfect Job Interview

GARRETT, a MANAGER: So, tell me about how you’ve used ZET technology so far.

BRYCE, a JOB-SEEKER: Let’s see, I used ZET this year in an automation project. How do you folks use it here?

GARRETT: Um, let me ask the questions, Brent. I mean, Bruce. Brandon? (Glances at resume in his hand.) Bryce.

BRYCE: Okay. I don’t mean to throw you off track. I just have one question.

GARRETT: What is it? Make it fast. I have to get through this list of questions.

BRYCE: I’ll be quick. Is this interview going to be the sort of thing where you ask me a bunch of questions and I answer, and then you ask another question?


BRYCE: Okay. Thanks. I understand. I want to save your time — I don’t think it’ll be a great match in that case. Thanks for your time today. It’s been great to meet you.


❤ Icesabel


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