12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30

Hur hur hur… let’s go through the list.
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  1. Travel Alone
    I’ve travelled alone overseas a couple of times.
    It wasn’t as if it was a choice though.
    I mean, the initial trip was for work.
    But, I went to places… everywhere… anywhere… alone, by myself.
    Going back to the hotel late at night, enjoying the life, views and people around.
  2. Dinner for One
    Who hasn’t done this?
    Ok.. maybe I’ve been doing this way too often since I was young.
    I’m the loner-type anyway.
    I enjoy my me-time.
    My girlfriends throughout the years (school, work, etc) would ask, don’t you feel weird when you’re alone?
    I wonder.
    Well, I don’t.
    I love it.
    Plus, I don’t even bother to do anything else, except, daydream while I wait for my food to be served or whilst eating.
    Not even something else to accompany me, like a book, for example.. don’t need that.
  3. Make Friends With An Enemy
    Many times.
    Sometimes, I didn’t even know that we were enemies to begin with.
    I’ve had a few enemies that I didn’t know hated me until much later (throughout my lifetime) and by then, they actually told me they used to think of me as an enemy, without informing me why.
    I never asked any of them why.
    Never thought of asking.
    Didn’t think about it, until, when I was way older.
    Didn’t even know I was that carefree, when, the real fact is that I do keep grudges even when I keep saying I’m letting it go and with all those “sorry” thingys.. due to the way my brain works.. plays like an old record at times.
    Honestly, when you’re friends with an enemy, you get to know more things eventually.
    What was the saying again?
    “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.
  4. Tell Someone “No” Without Giving A Reason
    A lot!
    No means no.
    When Icesabel says so.. that’s a full-stop.
    Shut up and move on.
  5. Get Lost Without Your Phone
    Although I’m a geek and do love the positive impacts it offers, I’m actually not attached to my mobile phone at all.
    As long as I have the phone numbers of those I love, that’s enough.
    I rarely take pictures or update anyone on my status anywhere.
    GPRS? Nah.. no thanks.
  6. Go On A Date With Someone Who’s Not Your Type
    When I was in my late teens, I dated a lot of guys.
    Mostly weren’t my type.
    The worst was this super tall guy who had to bend down a lot just to walk in the bus who had super bad breath.
    It was so bad that I wanted to puke every time he spoke.
    Not exaggerating.
    It was just… horrible.
    There were a few who were the opposite of me, someone really outspoken or those who love to go clubbing/drinking. (On the contrary, I was extremely meek until I was in my mid 20s).
    They never became my ex-bfs… just guys I dated.
  7. Make Something Then Try To Sell It
    When I was in my early teens, a company contacted my music teacher, who chose me and another girl, to sing for an educational CD, which was sold country-wide.
    We actually got conned, because, the both of us weren’t paid when they promised to after the whole thing.
    But, we were all still young (including our teacher) and naive that we just let it slide off.
    Anyway, all we lost was our free time anyway.
    Instead, our pretty young teacher brought us out for lunch since we did got moody after the whole ordeal.

    Also made another CD, sung with a few of my other friends and was distributed to the whole school.
    For free though.
    I can’t sing for crap now.. my voice has sucked over the years.
    I was in the choir (one of my music teachers, 2 teachers throughout the 4 years there, fave students I guess… ’cause I was chosen with a few others – who were usually always chosen, as well – for competitions, etc).

  8. Visit Relatives You’ve Never Met
    Travelled with my family, especially with my grandma, to Sumatra, Indonesia, to visit my great-grandmother every few years.
    The first time I went there, I had a “crush” on someone, whom I eventually found out was my relative.
    >_> Pretty much the “rank” of an uncle!
    The village is on top of the mountain and took hours to travel up the steep slope.
    No road lights at night and the place is untouched by outsiders.
    Farms all around, cold and perfect waterfall and a river, animals roaming freely around.
    Only a few houses had a tv.
    Internet? Dream on.
  9. Ask Someone Out Who’s ‘Out Of Your League’
    Umm… I’ve asked a lot. >_<
    I’m the kind who has no patience for a guy to make a move.
    If the person doesn’t reciprocate positively, I can move on.. or stay as friends and that’s that.
  10. Give Your Lunch Money To Someone Else
    Giving up money is hard?
    Only when you’re extremely hungry yourself and you really need that dollar for your own consumption and energy to live.
    Else, I’m become extremely sappy and emotional when I see pitiful people.
    I die inside every time.
    Think of it this way.
    If you could afford to spend that extra couple of dollars on Starbucks or makeup or branded/expensive goods or whatever other stuff… you can afford to give away that money.
    What is it to you that it is to them?
    I might start to swear in my heart if I see that person do something stupid afterwards or find out that they were actually “acting” or “abled to work” or “have more than enough, but, doing it for extras anyway”.
  11. Move To A New City (country, because we only have one city here in Singapore)
    I wish I did.
    I did apply for a visa to migrate and work elsewhere.
    It was when I wasn’t attached to anyone and I was just randomly working and got bored of the life I had.
    After the approval a month later and months of planning before that, my hubby came back to my life and asked if I wanted to stay.
    I think this was about 5 years back.
  12. Fall In Love
    What have love not ever done to me?
    I love God, first and foremost.
    Then, my family and my hubby.
    I’ve learned to love life and appreciate a lot of things in life, based on the bad life experiences (the lowest of the low periods).
    I love breathing and at times, it makes me feel at peace and for me to yearn to stay in that second forever.
    I love the different kinds of smells/scents that bring back different ranges of memories.

Hummm… whuuuut?… I’ve done all except one (which was going to happen).
But, who knows, some day, we might move to a new country as a family. XD

❤ Icesabel


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