They called me the “Ebola girl”

Just wanted to share what I read this morning.


On my last day I met Emma and Kamara, both 17.
Emma told me her story.
How her father became ill, followed by her mother who worked as a nurse.
They both died – as did Emma’s three brothers and one sister.
Emma is the sole survivor of her family.
Her home was burnt down (apparently to “protect” the community) – with all her belongings.
She now has nothing left – not even a photograph.
Certain phrases are lodged in my mind – she said “Ebola has hurt me so much”, and she now feels “completely alone”.

Kamara also lost his Dad, step-Mum and brother and sister.
We sat talking in a deserted school (they have been closed since March) and they both told me how they were stigmatised and shunned by their community.
Emma said she was called” Ebola girl”.
With tears streaming down their faces (and mine) they told me how people were too afraid to talk to them and how they feared for the future.
I wanted to reach out and hug them – but of course, because of Ebola I couldn’t.
Both children are now part of the Children’s Forum Network, an amazing group that gives emotional support and love as well as practical support.
There are now thousands of orphans in the region.
We need to do more to help them.


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