Where the ladies at?

Ooooh yeah… finally!
Hired someone to administer the applications for Asia.
IT is always not seen as something important (for eg: IT is last for budget reviewing) everywhere.
Not sure which generation they’re still living in though.
At least, someone’s going to be around for Asia’s time-zone.
Although our “ranks” are pretty much on par, I look up to her.
I mean.. I dropped apps, programming, databases, websites, etc… hated doing those.
Seeing all the issues the different apps guys in HQ have been picking up.. I’d say.. she has to carry a huge bag.

I’ve just realised only 1 out of 30 IT peeps is a lady for our Asia region.
2nd lady on a regional level (for IT)… none from Europe, America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania, etc!!!
Also… the fact that she’s an Indonesian!
Ok.. well.. I’m only half Indo because of my mum and her family, although, she’s born here.
Idk… for some reason, that kinda made me excited.
Hur hur hur~


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Where the ladies at?

  1. Ooh looks its the hot team. he he girl power ha ha

    And so weird that It is last on list when cyber crime is picking up faster than we can say sandwich. It is strange how belittling they think of the world in the basement as if this kind of work is meaningless.

    Hope the two of you can get along great. have a fun day.. and keep on smiling.

    • Haha! Yeah.. girl power!! We are getting along. If it was up to me.. I’d bring in more ladies to the IT teams, globally! XD
      True. Our management is doing something about it, but, I’m sure it’ll take time to make and adapt to the changes.
      You.. smile too!! ❤


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