Kenshin and a few other updates

Watched Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno with a few friends last night.
It was… AWESOME.. from the beginning to the end!

Of all the older anime and manga, I didn’t pick this up.
Neither did I watch the first movie instalment a few years back.
But, weird enough, Himura Kenshin was one of the anime/manga characters that I used to draw (using my graphite B-set pencils and drawing paper) because I found him to be elusively striking with his scar as I browsed through the long list of anime/manga online ages back… strong, fierce and good-looking.

But, still, I promise that as long as you’re a fan of manga/anime, Japanese culture/old-era backdrop and/or fighting scenes using the oldskool katana and whatnot, you’re in for a good two-hours journey.
The poster showed that the second part, meaning 2nd part of the 2nd movie will be shown on 2nd October.
Can’t wait for for it.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to say any more than that because I know nuts about the true storyline.



Ok.. back to reality.

The most popular questions I’ve been getting since I came back to “reality” are:
How was your honeymoon? (and more in-depth questions about where I travelled)
Notice any difference between being bf/gf and being a married couple? (then concluded on their own, “it’ll change… you’ll see”)

If it’s possible, I’d love to stay in Korea longer.
Unfortunately, I might eventually suffer because I’m known to have difficulties in breathing in cold dry air, once it starts to turn autumn and then winter.
Most of them cannot even speak English and with most menu and words in their language, it’s already tough enough to find Halal food, plus they usually add Pork to most food, so.. that’s a total bust.

I didn’t say things won’t change.
I know it will.
Most, if not all people know nuts about my history between him and me.
The difficult times we went through the past 10 years.
He was there.
No one else was there.
And him back to me as well… all his issues and problems revolving around him and us.
We’re still here.. and have tied the knot.

What all those breakdowns have taught us is to push the negativity of others.
Learned to ignore people who mean nothing, yet, would try to cause problems for others.
Fight for our place.
We fought all the time.
Probably one of those weird couples who make others terrified with our daily quarrels of nothingness.
Then, we forget.
We’re opposite polars that attract.
We share common goals and love the similar things.

We did change throughout those years.
And in more years to home (In Sya Allah)… I know we will change.. evolve with time and changes of environment and situation.
There will always be problems, in and out.
That’s life.

We cry.. fight.. get scared.. feel lost… but, we also laugh and smile.. hold each other up.
It won’t be perfect and we know that first hand because we’ve been through our own set of problems.
It will be different, when did I ever deny that since I was young?
I’ve always been different and to always dream that things will always get better as time goes by.

But, they don’t need to know this.
All I’d reply with is “I know”.
Even how sceptical they are to my monotonous reciprocation.

The bad and good makes us grow.. because the choices we make, will turn us to be who we eventually truly are (and should be).


There hasn’t really been a few days of “relaxation” since I came back to “reality”.
Problems have been pouring in, one after another.
Reason why I didn’t want to blog for the past few days is because I’ve been bogged down with so much.
And it’s only been… what?… 2 weeks? Wow~
Even if I thought that I wanted to blurt everything out by blogging, I don’t think it’d worth it at all.
I’ve been having a biting feeling (before I got married) that a few of these problems will come into place.
In fact, the problems don’t lie in us or our relationship as a couple.
But, everything and everyone around us seems to be causing (or even trying) to make us quarrel.
These.. what I’d call tests.. have been pushing their luck on my patience and whether I’d submit to do the right thing.

But, because of all these, I see positive changes.. small ones.. but, surely seeping through to make ends meet.

All I know is that, this is just the beginning and the past 10 years was just the stepping stones to start a new chapter.


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Kenshin and a few other updates

  1. In a relationship, married or other wise it is the two of you against the worlds. With a few allies here and there. Hectic times will continue for now as all is still so new. But I am not going to bore you with that.

    Kenshin is so cool. okay I may have skipped through the series (damn long line once piece and naruto) Watched some movies and just loving it. Okay okay I give I am a anime fan.
    More and more of these real life films are being made and always fun to watch. I believe the first I seen was wicked city but that is like 20 years ago 😀

    Sigh Okay well back to some writing and then watch some anme 😀 Do you know about the DDOS by the way on anime sites.

    • How have you been? It’s been a long time… I think.. 😛

      This one is a really good show, so, I’d recommend you to catch it. It wasn’t boring at any point in time at all and I’m sure they’ve made the characters and environment as true to the manga as possible because I had a check on it earlier. 🙂

      Actually, no. I’ve not watched an anime since a month ago… I’ve been so busy or too tired to even switch on my personal laptop that I’ve not gamed at the same time either. I don’t like watching anime on my ipad. Well, that sounds bad… and sad.

      • I am smiling and doing good thank you for asking. I see you are doing good to and somewhere along the line getting some rest.

        Anime isn’t watch-able on iPad let’s face it. At the moment I am really disappointed about SAO2. Well take your time to catch a breather and keep on smiling. Your wedding got you in a rush and it is slowly clearing.

        I will take up on your recommendation and look it up with some English subs 😀

      • It’s possible. It’s just that the player would hang should I accidentally pause it halfway and boom.. I’d have to wait until it reloads all the way again to where I’ve stopped… horrible. T_T

        The movie is subbed with English actually. Not as if I can fully understand Japanese either… hehe. >_< Enjoy!


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