I know that life is full of tests.
But, I wasn’t ready for this test.
It took the whole out of me.
It tested a few people at once, as well.
Honestly, I was already at the brink.

How I hated it.
The very fact that I can see sides of people that are just hateful (crystal clear).
Showing the “good” side in front of me.
But, considering upon hearing different stories from different sides…
Well, I know how this works.
It’s becoming clearer to me on who I can depend on and who are right.
The ones who are two-faced and the ones who are unintentionally making hell on earth for some.

It was the first day of Eid Mubarak.
It was supposed to be an auspicious and happy day for all.

In addition to it being merely 6 days to my wedding.
This was a tough test to go through.
I was… pushed to my limit.
The problems slowly cleared up, but, obviously… some would not be clear off until, probably, a few weeks later.

By fate, the taxi driver that took both of us home shared some advice with us.
Something we NEEDED to hear, to understand and remember and even made the both of us agree upon it…
Even though he knew nothing of our problems for the day… we didn’t mention anything about us except that we were getting married this weekend.
It does seem obvious, but, when you’ve been battered down and feeling down, that was probably the last thing on our minds.
He was randomly telling things that actually mattered (had relation) to our situation.
I couldn’t see his face from where I was sitting.
Usually, I’d be able to always see the driver’s face from the rear view mirror.
This time around, it seemed a bit dark in there and didn’t think much about it.
But, since he dropped me off at my porch first, my other half messaged me later on that the driver offered him to only pay 10 dollars…
Stating that it would be a gift for our wedding.
(My other half is staying 10 minutes away from me).
The weird part is that, my other half’s wallet was empty this afternoon as he was finding cash in his pockets and I saw it.
So, I paid for the earlier taxi fare.
Suddenly he has a 10 dollar note, perfect for the price the driver offered.
Also, he said that he couldn’t see the driver’s face either.
The driver did not turn around when he receive the cash.
I don’t know.. we don’t know what really happened.

But all I can say is… thank you for being a kind soul.
I know we needed that talk even if it felt weird…
Because he was speaking to us as though he was giving every piece of advice we needed in order to go through the ordeal.
God bless you.


Tests in life are made so much so that you’d either become stronger out of it or break down and leave.

After all these…
How I miss Ramadan.


❤ Icesabel


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