Come and Go

I’m… sort of panicking..
Sort of.

There seems to be a hiccup for my wedding preparation.
All I can think of is.. “whatever”.
That’s what happens when I’ve spent too much time and energy on this for a year… alone.
I already have a white flag on my head.

Already asked a few people for help and they couldn’t.
Can’t blame them.. it’s already at the last minute.
Well.. sort of.. 2 weeks more.. but, still.

Now, I feel like putting my stuff away and sulk one side ’cause I pretty much have no mood to work.
My leave starts on Thursday, but, I feel that I need to take a longer time off.
Just to plomp my lifeless body on my bed and cover my face with my pillow.

If this is what they call the jitters to back off from a marriage.
It has been boiling in me for weeks now.
Not because of the preparations though.
I thought I’ve gone through this again and again.
But, I still have a phobia of marriage.
It’s still there hanging around.
Pissing me off.

What am I to do…



❤ Icesabel


9 thoughts on “Come and Go

  1. They say that getting married can be one of the most stressful things in your life. I think its common for people when its over to feel a sense of relief! Remember why you’re doing it, its love, and regardless of whatever else happens on the day, that is the most important bit 🙂


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