An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg?

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg

If you want to quit… do so.
Unfortunately, it’s most probable that they’d do nothing to change.
It’s the same for most cases on anything that has moved from alpha to delta phase, etc.
Especially when monetary reasons come into place.

I want to come back to Facebook as an user. I want to connect with my online friends once again. I want to see what they are up to. But until the day I feel comfortable enough sharing anything on Facebook, I will avoid your site like a plague. Can you please help ex-users like me rebuild the lost confidence of using your social network?

I would suggest this.
Not placing info about yourself in FB at all.
It’s pretty simple.

  • Don’t post your full name.. heck.. don’t even indicate your real name of any sort. Nicknames are fine. Your IRL friends know how you look like.. no one cares what nickname you give yourself as long as they know you’re “John, the class clown who makes stupid jokes to fill the classroom with laughter every single day”. People google/search for your name for different reasons. HR.. security departments.. do checks online.. so, why share info?
  • Don’t be silly.. no one needs to know your address or phone numbers or security numbers or whatever personal details about so-and-so being your siblings or relatives or parents or whatever. If they’re close to you, sure enough they’ll know. If not, they can easily ask you personally anyway. What data can they steal if you give nothing to them? Can’t create an account because you didn’t indicate your birthday or last name, etc? Like a nickname.. whatever birth date that rocks your boat unless you want that long list of “happy birthday” wishes from so-and-so just to make yourself feel special and remembered.
  • We don’t necessarily need to know you’re already at the airport, to show us the ticket or hotel to exactly where you are and when exactly you’ll be gone so some dodgy person out there can start planning on what crap they’d do (you know… break in.. steal stuff.. whatever).
  • Ads? Cancel it.. ignore it.. scroll it down.. up.. left.. right.. who cares? Just don’t press directly on it. If you’re smart enough to know it’s an annoying ad… then, why are you so flabbergasted over it and decides to feel “cheated” by accidentally pressing it and causing a domino effect on your life?
  • Share info? You’re already telling people you’re in the bathroom to make a chocolate cake, what other info are you not even sensitive enough not to tell others? That you got drunk and didn’t want your prospective employer to see you in such a state? That you support a certain clan or influential leader of some sort … which is against the rules and laws?
  • Privacy settings? Lock it all.. if not.. well.. well.. well… you didn’t put anything stupid on your page.. did you?
  • If you’re still pissed.. try… NOT posting your own pics online at all as well.. well, you aim to only keep in contact with your friends. They don’t exactly need to know what you’re doing every minute since these are the ones who contact you once in a blue moon. Those who are way closer to you can simply call your mobile any time and catch up with you.
  • Still frustrated? VPN your connection. Block your IP.. whatever to make sure you’re in the middle of nowhere.. as long as they don’t know you’re at a certain somewhere… unless you’ve already posted a selfie of yourself outside your house a few seconds ago just because you think that you look extra good looking on such a fine day today. Ooops… if that wasn’t bad enough… you’ve ‘accidentally” tagged your location because it’s a habit of yours.
  • Not satisfied? Do you still need to be babysit by FB instead of taking charge of your own data? Maybe you should re-analyse what you actually want out of this.

Sure, the “you’ll-probably-know-who” will eventually pick up pieces and place your info into one big slab of info about Mr Secretive.
But, all in all.. you’re pretty much “anonymous” to a point.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg?

  1. Yeah Google is just the same with their name policy. Since early days 1980’s I pretty much always used and only used a nick. I still use the oldest to date 😀
    It is amazing how much info is out there. and friends do not have to look you up they can ask for the link 😀


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