Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2014

Today was the last day of the Asia Pacific Yo-yo Championships 2014 and caught the last 3 hours.
Don’t mind me being awkward in the pictures.. lol.. hmmm.. I’m like that irl.. >_<


First of all… congrats to all the winners!!!
❤ ❤ ❤

This guy… is from Korea.. and.. he’s.. ermm… kinda eccentric.. but, sweet and very friendly! ❤
First and only Korean to be in the competition.
Jeon Ji Hwan

His last performance was extremely awesome!
The tricks will make you awe in admiration.
Hands down… when he was done with the finals.

I think he was a little drunk when he took a picture with me.
He had just finished his can of beer after his inspiring performance and was going around hugging people..
Hehehehe ❤
Sorry… I can’t help, but, notice it.
I definitely don’t want to upload the pictures where he wanted to “bite” me. >_>
Scary +_+

Then, comes the inspiring.. my most fave of them all…
The cute guy from Japan, Shinji Saito ❤

He was totally cool when he did the last portion where all the 5 first winners went head on with each other on a 30 seconds battle.
Going around his head.. neck.. tongue?.. horizontal moves.. jumps.. back.. “straitjacket”.. not sure what that’s called.. anyway.. the whole thing was WOW.. just… wow~
I ❤ your shoes!


I did get to catch a pic with Takahiko Hasegawa.


Last I took pictures of my fave players… was back in 2010!


❤ Icesabel


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