Old… ahh… I feel old…

Ok ok.. I’d better stop annoying people who are way older than me.

Before I talk about that…
I was actually doing a spring cleaning… more like throwing away A LOT of my stuff.
Since I’m going to move out in August, I might as well throw all the things that I don’t need.
There’s no reason to why I’d want to leave anything behind.

I found…
“… Oh baby baby… how was I supposed to know…”

Just when I thought that was one of my fave cassette back then…
“… Here I am.. the one that you love… ”
POP~ Comes out one of my other oldies faves.
Air Supply.

I found all my old journals and diaries back in the early 90s through to the early 2000s!
Found most of my poems… ahhh.. the poetic emo me when I was young.
All the useless books and papers back when I was taking up my diploma, degree and those original Microsoft certification books (windows server 2003?? dang.. old-timer)… off to the bin!
Clothes that I either never worn or don’t think will ever wear again.
50-50 on keeping all the music CDs of yesteryears.
Random stuff that I’d keep, which is deemed as useless.

My cupboard is pretty bare now.
Only with the necessities and some old memory keepsakes.
I think I’ll leave some stuff behind until I get the keys to my BTO flat in 2 years time.


❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Old… ahh… I feel old…

  1. Wow at the cassette ha ha and yeah you are old. Time sure flown by.
    But smiling I am sure. I know I am.
    And we not old. Not until we are dead and buried and found years later 😀


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