My brother… a dad

My elder brother is a proud father of his second child a few days back, a cute daughter.
His first is a son.
How perfect!! XD

Although, I’ve just met him 2 days back, I kind of miss him.
So, I’ve decided to write something about… well, us as siblings!


My brother is…

I remember him messaging me before I got home because my mum was frustrated over something and was venting out her anger at my stuff, to take extra caution. He is my protector and sometimes, I wish I could protect him in return whenever she vents out her anger at him.

Like having a bodyguard around protecting his little sister from dangers.

He is the reason I fell in love with technology. He was the one who loved to open up our computer desktop tower and fiddling about and I loved watching him do wonders in MS-DOS commands. From then forth, I became an IT convert!

He, my younger brother and my dad are the reasons why I love soccer and Liverpool FC so much!

I wouldn’t need to wonder what I’d look like if I was a boy. I’d probably look like one of my brothers.

My girl friends were always eyeing on him. He’s very tall and good-looking, with chiselled features. I would make gross faces and act as though I’d go crazy if they were to be my brother’s gf (none ever did anyway, even though they did try to flirt with him). I’m actually proud to have such a good-looking brother.

He wasn’t exactly keen on sharing his toys when we were way younger, when I wasn’t in school yet. He would hit me whenever I tried to take his boy toys. Secretly, I’d take his he-man and teenage mutant ninja turtles and wed them with my Barbie dolls… lol XD.. whenever he didn’t notice. But, I also loved playing with his excavators, trailers, trains, etc.. haha.. no.. seriously.. I loved them!

The very reason taking your razer made me a convert in buying a guy’s razer instead of a girl’s! They work way better!

Closer to me than with my younger brother or sister. Because you’d call “adik” which means younger sister/brother, whilst you’d call the other two by their nicknames. >_<

One of the reasons that made me believe that not all boys are the same. You’re a living proof of what a good man is. I can see that with your wife and kids right now as well. God bless them.



❤ Icesabel… your little sister.



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