My other half is always going crazy over the fact that I don’t seem fazed with guys around.
Even how macho or cool some guys passes by, making other girls around notice… whilst I’d be.. walking without noticing.
Thing is…
I know what type of girl he likes.
I pretty much have a list of which girl singers or actresses he likes.
But, he seems pretty clueless about my type.
Then, he’d try to annoy me with giving random names of famous people who supposedly is my type.
But.. this is probably one of those rare moments that I can annoy him back… and that he can’t irritate me (it’s his hobby to irritate me).

Yeah… right.

I did the list before.
Here -> Awesome guys

He has never seen this list.
(He does randomly read my blog sometimes.)

It’s just that feeling of “omg omg omg… he has this aura that just makes me squeal inside”.

Except for Taeyang, the rest (real ones) have this awkward vibe to them. >_<
Just attracted to awkwardness, I guess.
Taeyang? His voice and dance moves.

Yeah yeah.. 2 of them are not even real… but.. they ooze that same aura that makes me feel all squishy and melts my weird heart.
Move aside Tyrande, I don’t care if you choose Malfurion over the suave Illidan.
Illidan can be my bf any time.
Hur hur hur~


❤ Icesabel



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