Shopping is a chore!

It’s getting worse!

Every time I go into a store (which is empty) with the intent to buy something, in 5 mins or so, suddenly it becomes crowded.
I have to wait for my turn to get what I want, if, I needed the help of a sales person.
Eventually, after those people paid for their stuff, I’d either be the last or second last to leave, after getting what I wanted.
The business seems to boom for that very moment.
Then I leave and the store is empty again.

When I was younger, it was my mum.
She would always grumble about how annoying it is that the store becomes really crowded when she’s trying to browse through the stuff.
It was EMPTY initially.
But, it only happens if we have this intent to buy something.
If it’s just to window-shop, the effect isn’t there.

It can be very annoying when I need to quickly get one thing.
I don’t normally just randomly enter a store without knowing what I want.
I’d skip that place out instead.
I’m that kind of shopper.
So, I usually have my to-do list in my head.
My window-shopping consists of quick scans of what my wants are.
Else, I’d just go straight to where my needs are to purchase my goods.

Ummm.. yeah.. just wanted to vent that frustration out.

Ouuuhhh… I don’t know why I’ve been having the jitters of my upcoming wedding.
I’ve only been watching anime the whole day today.
No games.. no going out.. and well, a little more of putting some things from my list into place.
Ick!! ._.


❤ Icesabel



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