Que Sera Sera

I am… surprised!
To see my laundry hanged up to be dried when I got back home.
It’s been ages since my mum ever did my laundry.
I did my own since I was in my teens.
I had issues with her since my teen years, so, I minded my own business for a long time.

Remember me giving up on her a while back, because my future hubby’s family came and was being battered to the ground by her in front of them.

Before I went for the Thailand trip last week, she was shouting from the kitchen to wait for her when I was just about to leave the front door.
She surprised me by planting a kiss on my forehead.
Shucks… that’s my weakness.
Told me to be safe and come back soon.
Because the political unrest there was still ongoing.

The past few days, when I was leaving the house, she would ask me where I was going and what I was doing.
I was just merely going swimming for an hour after I drop off my work bag at home.
She wouldn’t bother to say anything last time.

I don’t know why the change.

All I know is that…I’ve got 2 months more before I move out.
The responsibility will rest on my hubby and not my parents any more.
I was expecting her to be happier, since, I’m supposedly the black sheep of the family in her eyes.
No one else would ever defy her house rules or fight back after all.
All of them are a “yes, ‘ma’am” person except me.
Actually, I’m always wrong even when I’m right.
So, there’s this discrepancy when I lose my patience after allowing her to push me over the edge.

I don’t hate it.
I just don’t want her to be sad in any way.
It’s not as if I’ve done anything negative or have any stupid tendencies or habits of any sort that she needs to worry about.

Just when I raise my white flag up, a couple of things seem different.
At least for now… it does.


❤ Icesabel



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