I’m a spy..

Yeah right~

I’m currently in Bangkok, Thailand.
They’ve just announced that the Thailand army has declared martial law a few hours ago.
The guys were joking about some stuff.
And I said.. yeah.. the difference is that the people here think that I’m Thai.
I look like a Thai and every time I visit Thailand and ALL the time, I’m mistaken to be one and people would randomly talk to me in the Thai language which I have no knowledge about.
Just now, I was shopping at Platinum Fashion Mall, all of them spoke to me in Thai and then laugh to talk in English.
One even said, your face.. thai.
Ok.. babe ❤ whatever you say.

There were a lot of soldiers with rifles and even on jeeps with guns and whatnot.
Kinda peaceful though.
The security teams from HQ and my Asia regional security director hasn’t given and orange or red light, so, I’m just going to walk around where ever I like.

Looking at the topic.
Well, apart from being mistaken as a Thai over here, there was a Korean businessman just now who spoke to me in Korean.
My face went “whuuut?”
Then he asked where I was from.
Now I’m a Korean.

Back at home, taxi drivers who do break the ice and talk first would ask if I’m local.
I’m a true blue Singaporean.
But, they’d just add in to what they guessed me to be at a first look.
I’m either a Japanese, Thai, Philippino or say I look way too mixed to be from any certain race.
When I travelled, people would speak to me in their native language.
Some China-Chinese or Singapore-Chinese would talk to me in Mandarin, whilst some Malay would talk to me in Malay (Malaysia or Singapore).
Of course Indonesians would talk to me in Indo.
Even Burmese… in Myanmar, they said I looked local.

I don’t hate it.. in fact.. it’s nice!
I mean… how many people get to be “local” in a lot of countries?
Seriously, general local.. not as in your own community in certain locations in that country.
As if you can blend in easily with anyone anywhere.
I don’t know… it just makes me laugh by myself whenever this happens.

Most of the time, I’d let them “talk to themselves” and not bother to say that I have no clue what they’re talking about.
Just because I feel too lazy to say anything in return unless it actually sounds like they’re asking a question.

In some ways, it’s fun to just listen to them “talk to themselves”.
Doesn’t matter if what they’re saying is positive or negative.
Who cares.. ’cause I don’t really care unless I’m doing something like needing to ask for the price of the stuff that I want to purchase, for instance.
I’m weird like that.

Ok.. I’ll only pass as a South-East Asian… but, not South and Central Asia.

Actually, I don’t really care where I’m supposed to belong anyway.
Most people who know me tend to still always say or ask me why I like to be by myself.
Well, I’m not living here to fit in.. I do what I want and what I think I should, on my own accord.
I don’t care if people want to fit in to a certain community or group to feel wanted or a sense of belonging.
My culture is so mixed up that it really doesn’t matter.
What matters to me most is my own well-being, my family’s and my faith (religion).

But, yeah.. it’d be cool to be a spy of these countries.. lol~
Obviously “a fail” here because I even mention it.. but.. haha.. just a random thought.
Must’ve been watching too many movies.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “I’m a spy..

  1. Nice post. You just crossed path with my younger daughter. Staying at Chiang Mai for an internship in the land of a thousand smiles! 🙂
    Have a great week-end.


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