Beep Beep

Didn’t think that I would get quite a number of entries for the steam giveaway… so, I’m giving it away today..
Before there are too many entries and I get a bad headache from having to choose one winner for each game.
It was already tough enough to choose amongst this small group.

The only games that no one wanted was Deponia and Outlast Whistleblower.
Humm.. nvm.. the next person who asks for it gets it.
Else, I’ll just leave it be.


I’m FINALLY done with the itinerary for my honeymoon at Korea in August.
It’s going to be a 10-days trip, with 3 days being the post-wedding photo-shoot.
Took me days to do research on accommodation, transportation and locations to visit.
Jeju Island for 3 days included.
Can’t believe that, deep down, I’m still a perfectionist.
7 days is not enough to do it all, but, I’ve done my best in cramping the “best” within those days.
Hopefully, it’ll be worth it.


I’ve yet to do some presentations for my event next week.
So much local work to be done and I’ve only 3 days left.
Flying to Malaysia for 2 days this weekend as part of the wedding preparations.
Flying to Thailand for 7 days on Monday, after that one, for work.

Shouldn’t be doing much for my wedding preparations next month, but, I’ll be flying out again at the very end for work again.
Except for sending out the official wedding invitations.. we’ve order food for 1200 pax.
Then, Ramadan aka the Islamic fasting month comes in July.
I’ll be on leave from the last week of July, then comes my wedding and then the honeymoon.

Then, I’ll be moving out of my parent’s place.
A whole new chapter ahead.

If not for everything in my personal life, it’s my working life.
The workload is really heavy.
I’m taking care of 15 countries in Asia for L2 and doing it alone, thus, making me exhausted to no end.
Everyone, including the local staff are looking for me as if I have all the answers in the world.
I don’t and I’m not super-girl who has all the energy needed to do extra things.
In fact, I’ve reached the point that I just cut off people’s string of bla bla bla and just want things done and get on with it.
Trying my best not to blow it (knowing that I’m a hot-headed person).
The result of the promotion.. it’s sucking my brain dry and making me more temperamental.
I was just thinking.. there’s this other guy from our US office who handles a certain part of IT for global.
We operate in 124 countries, all over.
Yeah.. he pretty much replies on my requests and my other counterparts.. weeks or months later.
How’d he handle that much load?

It does make me wonder on how I’m going to be able to take care of my own family in the future.
Considering how much energy is being used up right now already.
I need to find that knowledge and skills… some…  day…

I… just… want… to… get… over… this… hurdle.
My head is throbbing.
*going off to roll on my bed*


❤ Icesabel


5 thoughts on “Beep Beep

  1. Haha to funny lady. but you are right to get it over with LOL.
    Deponia looks like an the old sort of adventure games. they were fun.
    And outlast seems a bit saw meets Silenthill. horror is cool.

    Keep an eye on your self and take a breather when needed.
    Deep breath getting all zen. and wishing you a good day.
    Keep on smiling

      • Depoinia looks like fun and old school. Maybe make me a steam account 😉

        Reminds me of the old kings quests and space quests. god they were fun.

        As for Outlast. never seen it before but know silent hill and that one rocked with the static radio telling danger was ahead.

    • Yes.. time move really fast! Sometimes, when I just stop and look back.. certain things that happened a few months or years ago feels more like only weeks or days back. Too quick..


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