Pew pew – Fire Build Part 2


I’ve finally found the 5th piece to my Firebird’s Finery set!
With just wearing the Ring of Royal Grandeur, I’ve got the 6-piece proc.
If you want that ring, just try your luck in spamming the box which you can obtained from finishing a bounty map.

Changed my build a little.. and… walla~
It’s a Torment 4 or 5 build now (depending on the party members or when solo)!

Old Build can be found here.

The rotation is the same as the old one… well, sort of.
I’m a real sucker of being a front-end dps… even as a long-range class. XD

Mirror Image > Wave of Force > Spectral Blade for arcane power regen + fire spell % increase
Just like the old build, I use Illusionist (passive skill) to spam the stun.
Since, my 2 mirror images would spam Black Hole, I keep mine until their’s have been exhausted or when an elite with its minions come crashing the party.

This gives more damage compared to the old one because

  • Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction 320% fire x 3
    (unless you have Wand of Woh – 3 additional Explosive Blasts are triggered after casting Explosive Blast)
  • Black Hole – Blazar 360% fire in 2 s + 464% fire afterwards
    + BONUS: Crowd control aka pulling all the mobs in a radius of 15 years
    Working together with Mirror Image, there would actually be more than one Black Hole at a time (most of the time)!
  • Teleport – Calamity 252% arcane + 1.5s stun + teleport out from any situation once
  • Mirror Image – Mocking Demise 309% arcane + 2s stun + break free from being frozen or trapped in “a cage” every time there is no cooldown or it procs because of Illusionist
    + BONUS: I need them to spam extra Black Holes and Wave of Force whenever possible ❤
    (unless you have Archmage’s Vicalyke – Your Mirror Images have a chance to multiply when killed by enemies)

I was thinking of other alternatives.

To do this, looking into how much arcane power I have.
-> How many hits I can make at one go.
For example, I only have 90 arcane power and wave of force uses up 20 arcane power, then I can only use it 4 times instantaneously at one go before my arcane power depletes.
That is how I obtained my number of hits below.
All the % below are of fire damage.

  • Wave of Force – Heat Wave: 427% x 4 hits
  • Meteor – No Rune: [501% + (167% x 3s)] x 2 hits
  • Meteor – Meteor Shower: (228% x 7) x 2 hits
  • Explosive Blast – Chain Reaction: (320% x 3) + 6s CD … the cooldown depends on whether you have a higher cooldown reduction rate
  • Explosive Blast – Short Fuse: 909% x 6s CD … the cooldown depends on whether you have a higher cooldown reduction rate
  • Arcane Orb – Scorch: [221% + (734% x 5)] x 3 hits

Wave of Force actually procs my crit damage the most often and the highest though.



DPS: 1,220,217

+Fire Skills Damage: 114% = helmet 20% + necklace 19% + gloves 20% + bracer 19% + off-hand weapon 18% + main-hand weapon 18%

Crit Hit Chance: 44%
Crit Hit Damage: 462%

Toughness: 6,369,312
HP: 315,476

When you die, a meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 5mins cooldown.
Enemies killed by Fire damage explode and set nearby enemies on Fire, dealing 300% weapon damage over 5 seconds.

Physical, Cold, Lightning Resistance: 1600+
Fire, Poison, Arcane/Holy Resistance: 2000+

Other info via

❤ Icesabel


11 thoughts on “Pew pew – Fire Build Part 2

  1. I was looking for transmog skins then i bump into your blog. I am from the De Red Dot as well, though i am in a MY clan currently. You still pew pewing ROS? More people to pew with the merrier. Saw your Btag but not sure if it is appropriate to just add, so here is mine “Zendal#1935”. Stay safe in Thailand.

    • Yeah.. My clan is pretty active.. Created be a group of sg CS players of yonder years but a few of them are friends of friends. Although I don’t play everyday, I try as much as I can.

      • I am on pretty much everyday haha. Even if i am out and back late i would login for abit, bad habit….
        My ex-guildie form RIFT invited me to this guild, but now my friend is more interested in wildstar and doesn’t login much. So most of the time i just pew with the usual 2-3 folks in the guild.
        Not sure if i want to play Wildstar though.

      • I tried wildstar during its beta a few weeks back. Can’t say I like it that much but maybe that wasn’t even at end game to judge any further. I played Rift a long time ago as well though.

      • i didnt try the beta haha was lazzy to DL it. Looks to me it’s like WoW+GW2 kinda style.
        i RIFTed when it first released, played it for sometime. It went F2p, but i never went back haha,

      • D3 or WS…. dont know….Zzzz
        My Sader still needs to be perfected. I always run with a Monk or a Barbie, so always have resist buff.
        Without it, seems like i need to retweak….

  2. Haha by the way, I am also in the IT line… The lonnnng line that does’t stop till you call it quits!
    Mostly infrastructure related, programming wise…gave most back to my lecturer bit by bit every month over all these years.

    • I hate programming. Highest on my list followed by networking. Phewww~ luckily that isn’t my main job scope even when I have to do so once in a while. Heh<

      • my First job was network related.
        Currently hmm i am not sure. i am like floating around the OSI layer, but one thing for sure is that i don’t dive deep into routing protocols anymore.


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