A Little Accident

Had a little accident whilst going for lunch.
My left index finger got hit and stuck at the car door when we closed the doors.
It was… dented. >_>
Not broken.. thank God.
I was more of in a state of shock than anything else.
But, the girls got me ice and asked me to constantly rub it softly.
It only started to hurt much later, when the blood started to flow back to the tip of my finger.

After a few hours, it went back to its original shape.
Then, the blood slowly dripped from the tiny puncture.
Probably ’cause I was constantly rubbing it for better blood circulation.
Although, there is still a blue-black and just a little swollen.
It was truly horribly dented initially. +_+

The only thing that was on my mind was… thank God I still have my finger intact!!

That wasn’t the first time I got into a little accident whilst during working hours.
A year or two back, I had half my toe-nail dropped off because I pulled the door wrongly whilst carrying a lot of IT stuff and my toe banged onto it so badly.
Hur hur hur~

Now, it looks as though I’ve only got a cut and a tiny bruise without noticing that anything ever happened to it.

Oh well.. I’m always such a careless girl. +_+


❤ Icesabel


7 thoughts on “A Little Accident

  1. The index finger is such important finger with gaming. Phew on the not broken.
    Though if it was broken you would have time to watch a lo of anime:P

    And the guy in me went a little rub what softly? I know bad bad crow. Haha ha
    Sorry glad to hear all is okay, clumsy girl. Fingers crossed no accidents in the upcoming 2 months is it

    keep on smiling.


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