Pew pew – Fire Build

Was so frustrated with not obtaining the weapon that everyone else in the guild is getting after playing for so long.
;…; Grrrr~


So, I had to make do with the stuff that I had and converted into a fire build instead of wanting to go lightning/arcane.
But… I actually enjoyed and love it way better than the usual builds!!!

Skills.. skills.. what shall I choose? ^_^

The rotation pretty much is a super fast “kill before you get killed” mode… lol.. no idea if anyone were to ever understand what I’ve just said.
I love the adrenaline rush it brings.
Oh yeah.. it’s a Torment 3 and 4 build.

It goes with teleport into a big group of mobs > explosive blast > wave of force > spectral blade for arcane power regen + fire spell % increase
If your attacks per second aka speed is high, the fire spell % can increase a lot, mine can only go up to 20+ in a usual fighting scenario, although, the highest I got to was about 40+.
With bosses, keep teleporting to spam stun (great for the safety of your own and team mates) – that is why you need illusionist as one of your passive skills.
Go ahead and stand in the way of mortar, poison pools, etc to activate illusionist, of course, be wary of your own health.
You don’t necessarily need to teleport within the boss mobs, stay outside the radius if your health is dropping like water in an open tap, but, make sure you spam teleport to continuously stun.

The rest of the passive skill slots are up to you.
If your defence/resistance/hp is high and don’t need any buffing up, then, take in more damage skills like Audacity, Conflagration, Glass Cannon and Unwavering Will (if you think you won’t move in 1.5s every time).
If it’s the opposite, then, take Blur, Dominance, Unstable Anomaly and Unwavering Will (if you think you won’t move in 1.5s every time).
Any combo that suits your stats.

I took up Prodigy because I neither equip my char with any resource cost reduction items nor have it in my Paragon points.
Wave of Force takes up a lot of Arcane Power, thus, why I did so.

The only reason I did this build is because of the items that I had in-hand.

All the stats below are pre-buffed.

DPS: 622,340
Elemental DPS: 1,092,616
Elemental Elite DPS: 1,420,401

+Arcane Skills Damage: 24% = necklace 24%
+Fire Skills Damage: 114% = helmet 20% + gloves 19% + wrists 19% + off-hand weapon 18% + ring 20% + main-hand weapon 18%
+Damage Against Elites: 30%

Crit Hit Chance: 33%
Crit Hit Damage: 317%

Toughness: 4,460,458
HP: 3354,307

+Spectral Blade: 28% = belt 15% + pants 13%
+Wave of Force: 28% = boots 14% + off-hand weapon 14%


❤ Icesabel



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