I finally have some REAL time off today.

I’m exhausted.
How many times have I said that lately?
Too much on my plate in such a short time.
Trying so hard to adapt to the work needed to be put into all these, but, it’s draining my energy.
In turn, taking a toll on my emotions.

Don’t want to complain about what I have.
They’re all good stuff, but, for the price of that, my mana is depleting fast.

One after another, something comes up.
I can’t stop for awhile for a breather.

Yet, the weirdest feeling is that, I don’t even have the usual daydreaming mode of wanting a holiday at all.
I’ll have to travel overseas for work mid this month and end of next month.
Before I can go for my 3-weeks off inclusive of my honeymoon time off starting from the end of July.

But, still…
I have to be thankful for everything nonetheless.
There are some problems in the office with a colleague’s boss and I feel sorry for her. 😦
Thankful that my boss is understanding and in fact, trying to help me go into freelance timeslot.
Thankful that I actually love what I do, just that I need to manage my time more efficiently.
Still stressed with the wedding preparations.. going a little bonkers with the non-stop sms/calls/emails with all the suppliers and the budget and whatnot.
Thankful.. as the post before.. to why I’m glad.
Problems with families.
Still thankful that everyone is still around though, only that hopefully things will change for the better.

The only free-time I have is spent catching up on my sleep, playing a teeny tiny bit of game, but, as of lately, been watching a lot of anime.
This season’s bunch of anime is actually good!
Well, at least to my taste.
Subsides the stress and lethargy.

Alright… time for another anime to watch!


Oh yeah.. In love with this song ❤

❤ Icesabel


4 thoughts on “Today

  1. change of pace and trying to keep up. It is finding your own way within the ruckus. The stress your upcoming wedding is giving is not really helping. keep breathing and keep it is teh best way to over come.
    God to see you still doing okay.
    Keep on smiling.

    No Game No Life.ha ha love that one.

  2. The song is beautiful…Isn’t love wonderful? Even though you are exhausted I am happy for all the good things that are in your life. Gratitude is very helpful in stressful times. 🙂


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