A Loss

It was only yesterday that the news spread via TeamSpeak and then Facebook about the death of one of our gaming friends.


Director / Associate Publisher of HOOKED
Mr. Jamie Ho’s domain knowledge is in IT and the Cyber-Gaming industry.
Jamie focuses on interactive media, mobile broadcasts, and events marketing particularly on cyber-gaming and e-sports competitions.

The white Volkswagen car that rammed onto the tree at an expressway in the early morning.
In the news
Funny thing that this passer-by driver did not stop and help, no offence, but, I suppose it’s his choice +_+)


My partner and me will be going to his funeral wake in the late afternoon tomorrow together with another friend.
It seems like most of them in the tighter knitted gaming community will be going as well.

I become a little retarded when it comes to remembering people.
My memory always fail in recalling people’s names and events, but, I can recall faces well.
Although I’ve not really talked to him, we’ve hanged out for lunch once after a CounterStrike competition… I think it was last year or even 2 years back… sorry.. I’m always stuck in time.

It’s really horrible to keep reading comments everywhere about how reckless he is, whether or not he deserves it, etc.
I might not know him well, but, it saddens me to see such a life gone just like that.
We’d probably not know what really happened until the other survivors who are currently hospitalised explains later.
No idea who all the rest, including the other deceased lady, are, but, get well soon to the ones who still alive.

Spare some thought and feelings for the ones who are gone.
Those who didn’t think twice probably wouldn’t have ever thought of being in the shoes of those who knows the person.
You wouldn’t like people to judge if they were someone you knew.


</3 Icesabel


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