Assalamu alaikum

السلام عليكم (assalamu alaikum). 🙂
It means “peace be upon you”.

I have heard and read a lot about those who translate, interpret or even heard of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wrongly.
Especially those who has hatred, angst and other negative thoughts/feelings towards Islam.
Even if that is so, we shouldn’t be “reflecting their actions”, meaning that if they’re angry at us, we shouldn’t be angry back at them.
A spark causes a bigger fire.

It’s true that in the video, those are what we are taught.
About love towards all animals, people around us (whether they choose to do good, bad or stay neutral) and especially our own family (husband, wife and kids).
You may hear about men downgrading women somewhere around the world.
But, that’s pretty much wrong because if they were to really learn the teachings, women are being protected by God all the way to heaven.
Why and who?
All I can say is that, it may be from the influence of a group, clan, sect or even the government.
Essentially, people are free to do what they choose to.
It’s their choice, but, they would have to carry that responsibility of their choices throughout their lifetime.
Whether it’ll affect the people around them or not.

I’m not in the position to preach, but, I have learned from those who are fit to do so, that, you’ll never know that a bad person at this moment will turn out to be influentially good to others in the future.
That there is a possibility that he can change and, who knows… will spread goodwill to others.
It is not fair to condemn someone (of course, common sense will mention that’s not inclusive of things like murder).
Was referring to someone who’d probably was hating you for something, treated you badly and made your life miserable, for example.

Anyway, as much as we were taught to judge people since we were kids, we actually don’t have a right to judge anyone except ourselves.
You’ve not been in their shoes, step by step, from the start to their current state.
The same way that you would get upset when someone judges you when you know well that they’ve not been there exactly the way you did.

Why do people judge anyway?
Because of perfection?
That they’re different and believe in something different?
Not part of your “team” or “society”?
A different dress code, language, skin colour, acting “weird”?

If you think you’re fine with how things are and have already fit into that cookie-cutter barbie-ken world of perfection…
Have you ever thought that, when you travel to somewhere different, that people call you weird instead (your choice of seeing it bad or good way)?



❤ Icesabel


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