Pew pew~

I LOVE this new gameplay!
Anyway, last I updated on my D3 wiz, that was based on the old patch.
So, I’m gonna do a lil update.

Ok… although there are TONS of builds out there!
In addition to that, your build should actually be more tailored to the items that you get from the drops as you go along.
If you keep getting lightning-element damage items, be a lightning pro!
Or you can turn it around and say I decide to be a skill-spammer, thus, you start collecting the additional-cooldown items and build on it.
I don’t think there’s ever a right or wrong build.
It’s based on whether you can maximise its potential or not.



I didn’t get an elemental or CD items, so, mine can be copied easily by pretty much anyone with any random items.
Been spending time tweaking it here and there… well, I still am.. but, this is my current love.
I’ve seen similar builds to this… well, who (wiz-players) hasn’t?

All this does is…
You create 5 mirror-image of yourself.
Once they’re out, in an instant, they plant the stun slow time. You’re pretty much safe… as long as you move around, jiggle here and there.. no need to freeze.
Then you place the huge sucker-fish of a black hole in the middle of the largest ranged radius.. boom.. there it goes.. all the mobs being sucked in.. this seems to be the best because the purpose is not for its damage, but, its ability to have a bigger range to pull in and crowd-control.
Here comes your damage.. I actually prefer meteor-meteor shower only because of the awesome constant crits I get to see all the time (yummy!) and the fact that I can stand way further to attack when there’s an elite. But, disintegrate-intensify does the job of sweeping the floor quicker, although, at a much shorter range. But, amongst the 3, I adore wave of force-heat wave the best. ❤

I don’t know about anyone else, but, all my resistance are at 1k+ with prismatic armor, allowing me to pretty much be able to tank a lot of mobs of any elements.
Not sure why, but, I love killing mobs at the front as a wiz. >_<
But, it can be traded up for any other armor of your choice, else, go for another damage slot like magic weapon-force weapon to amp up your damage.

So far, based on my own experience, electrocute-surge of power allows me to gain back my arcane power in no time at all, so that I can spam my main damage skill – disintegrate, in this instance.

Now comes the passive skills.
I have a habit of loving to spam.
I guess, this is the result of the build… lmao~

Illusionist is my bff.
Spamming my mirror-image has never been so much fun. +_+
Just move out of your bubble and let yourself get hit for awhile… you know.. the jiggling part I mentioned earlier.. move your butt.
Then, once you get the hang of it, enjoy the spam.
What I hate about them is that they love to set up the black hole beside me. >_>
C’mon… place it further away from me.
I’d usually place the black hole “within” the tank if I’m playing with one.

I’m a dps.
DPS does what they do best… spam high damage to the death.
My motto: kill before you get killed.

High damage skills take up a whole lot of arcane power.
Unless your items are in-build to reclaim them back quickly, my next bff would be Prodigy.
That’s what electrocute-surge of power is used for.
It spams a bigger range to, therefore, hitting more mobs, which then in turns converts to a bigger pool of arcane power recharge.

Glass cannon was my old fave – increase all damage by 15%, but, decrease all armor + resistance by 10%.
There are 2 which are pretty nice to change up to: unwavering will increase damage 10%, armor 20% and resistance 20%, but, stand still for 1.5s..
Audacity which gives additional 15% damage.

Elemental exposure is good if your items and skills are elemental based and stacks up.
Great for parties.

The second build is more to pure dps.
My second fave… only if there’s a good tank around. ^_^

It’s pretty much the same build as the one I was in love with pre-RoS.


Oh yes…
My fave soundtrack in the song now: Chains of Fate.
Really an epic song to listen to when you’re in the depths of a city saving humans from the siege of the angel of death.


❤ Icesabel




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