3 sets of D3 RoS CE!

Here comes the fiery wizard.

Defeated Malthael

XD Onwards to adventure mode!

Here’s my baby ❤

Mini guild photo +_+


Well, you’ll know what I’m doing if I’ve not been blogging.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “RoS

  1. Out of curiosity, what image service do you use? For some reason your pictures get blocked at work but other people on WordPress show up fine. I can’t figure it out.

  2. I like your guide about noel / soulmaker. and I see you are also a big fan of diablo. I am also a big fan of Diablo franchise, but unfortunately diablo 3 to be played online. and to play them we have to buy it at a price that is quite expensive. I can only see the gameplay on youtube. wish it felt to play diablo 3 hehehe. you’re very lucky icesabel. sorry if my language is a little strange because it is assisted by uncle google. 😀

    • Your english is just fine! ❤ Thanks.. I guess you were here to read on RO2.. haha. Awww.. so, your internet connection is not always up? Since you said the game is online?

      Yes, it is quite pricey with original D3: USD39.99 and D3:RoS USD39.99, since you need both to play RoS. I hope some day you'd be able to get whatever games you wish to play next time. I had to save up on my own since I was a kid to get what I wanted… but, it's always worth it! ❤

      Have fun in RO2! 😀


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