Haven’t been in my blog as often as I use to.
The only free time that I have is being spent in Diablo 3, since their 50% exp increase event.
Since I’ve got a teeny tiny bit of free time right now….
Let’s chill a little (compared to my serious posts the past weeks).


Back in the days when I was still in school (mid-teens).
The first thing I did once I reach home was to switch on the computer and game.
Eating, shower, whatever else.. comes later.
Especially when I’m in my gaming phase.

Whenever exams come looming in, I’d be scrambling trying to get out of that phase.
Staring out at my computer tempting me to game instead of studying.
So, I’d usually give myself a treat by saying “I’ll finish this chapter and so-and-so, my reward would be to game for a certain amount of hours and then back to studying”.

As with my last post, I find no point in studying during those years.
Until now, I barely make use of anything other than the basics of what I had learned after paying thousands of dollars for 2 pieces of crap certification papers.
It’s just that, I wasn’t allowed to stop going to school else I’d get kicked out of the house by my strict mum.
She wasn’t joking about it.
Hmmm.. she never jokes about these.
In fact, with me… she never jokes about anything.

Oh yeah.. if you’re wondering, in Asia, most of us live with our parents until we get married or decides to move out on our own accord.
In Singapore itself, you’re not allowed to own a government apartment/house (main housing) unless we own a marriage certificate, a single mother with kids, at an aging year or well, try owning really over-the-top expensive private housing if you’re really rich or well, go for the usual renting.


During these past few days.
The first thing I do when I reach home is switch on my computer and game.
Everything else comes in about 3 hours later.
Probably when I start to slide down my chair and start to feel tired and lifeless.

5 minutes more!!!
No.. after I reach this level..
No.. 5 exp bars more or half an hour more… whichever comes first!

That’s pretty much how it goes.


So… RoS is coming up in 10 days.
Already paid for my Collector’s Edition box set.
You know how much more expensive CEs are compared to the regular edition or even purchasing it online.

People were going… “That’s so expensive for a video game!! What a waste of money.”
Next thing you know, you see them buying packets of cigarettes, go to a pub or club, bottles of alcohol and whatnot.
Or maybe go shopping and spend 300 bucks on just ONE pair of shoes or a bag.

And I’d be going… “whuuuuttt???!!”
What exactly were you blabbering about on spending wastefully?


Oh yeah…
I saw this and thought that it was pretty funny.


I gtg.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Lately

    • Whoahh.. Did you just propose here? Thank you for the offer though, but, I’m getting married in 5 mths time actually! You know what.. Console or pc gamer… It doesn’t really bother me. Is there much of a difference when both is still able to communicate and understand via gaming jargon and terms? XD

  1. I recently picked up an older game. and by god i love it.
    every 5 minutes i mean hours a day of it. yeah need to do other things to right. rather not but hey can’t get my house that dirty:d when a nephew is coming over LOL have him crawl through the dust .
    And shitted my pants laughing at that last one. thanks for the laugh and keep on smiling.
    i would kill for a CE period. They rock.


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