What Matters?

The theory is supposedly simple.
Don’t judge someone just because you assume it to be like so.

Ok.. you meet someone you like or hate… from either end.
So, do you know the person on another level to know why…

  1. they’re honest, yet, brutal and aggressive
  2. lying in front of you by being nice

Sure, you hate the fact that the person doesn’t believe in the same facts as you.
Wait.. what about the other way around.
Someone hates what you do or how you react or the choice you’ve made.
You get angry.
They’ve never been through what you did, so, they’re unable to understand the situation and to why you made a certain choice.
Which then makes you who you are right now.

So, what about yourself?
Have you been in their shoes?
Been through their shit.
Sure, they’re hateful.
They hate for “no reason”.
Is there (no reason)?

That’ll bring you over to the next part.

You’ve probably heard the constant saying to keep your friends close, but, your enemies closer.
But, what exactly can you make out from an enemy?

At times, you’ll learn things you don’t normally learn from friends.
Because they force you to think otherwise.
Some might say to ignore your enemies.
That’s fine too.
But, think it over a little.
Why were they your enemies in the first place?

Sometimes,  you’re the one turning neutral people into enemies.
For example, just because they tell the truth and it hurts.
Who are your real friends anyway?

That’ll bring you over to the next part.

At times, I hate it.
At times, I become scared.

By the time I was 6, I was asking so much questions, not to my elders or teachers.
But, questions to myself and to find them in ways conventional and not as much.
By reading, by watching/listening people react/talk, putting pieces together to finish a puzzle.
Yet, a lot of puzzles are still unfinished.
I question my own self… why I’m like so.. why I’m different.. why I think way matured than of my own age.

But, most of the time, I stand ground to what I believe is the truth.
Even when I’m being doubted by others.

Yet, I can’t recall when I started to be bold enough to be “straight to the face” honest to people.
To tell them what they needed to hear instead of what they wanted to hear.
Not because I want to hurt then intentionally.
Well…. probably something you’d understand when the time for you to understand arrives.

That’ll bring you over to the next part.

What I believe today might not be something I would tomorrow.

My judgement might seem cloudy right now, but, I constantly learn every single day.
From others.. from experience.
Like I’ve said.. a lot of puzzles are still unfinished.

What if there’s a more sound explanation to something.
I could move towards there.
My theories change.. evolve.. with time.

You can’t stick with one all your life unless you’ve not learned something new or extended about that one thing.
I’ll admit that I’m not perfect.
But, that does not mean that I will not unlearn and relearn.

That’ll bring you over to the next part.

Blame the system, government.. media.. if you want.
What they feed you with.

But, there’s something called your choice to take in what you want out of the mess out there.

When I was young, all through to my teenage years, I’ve always loved the school system.
Then again, that was probably because of my love for learning.
But, once I got into my late teens, I hated school with a passion.

Nothing could ever get me ready for life (and work) via school from then forth.
I’d rather burn my useless paper qualification for better brains.
Money cannot buy that.
The rich would usually make use of others to gain wealth (what they’d call their intelligence in obtaining monetary wealth).
Sorry.. don’t be mistaken… I wasn’t talking about that “intelligence”.

The only reason why I still have to take certifications is because of the need to satiate those who feel insecure about my abilities.
I can get experience 2.. 3.. times fold with the work I currently do than to read what others think I should know about.
I’m working in the IT field.
What is right anyway?
Today’s right is tomorrow’s wrong.

That’ll bring you over to the next part.

When you’re given a choice.
Do it well.
Think it through.
Cool your feelings down before you allow your vocal cords to adduct. (yeah easy for me to say… considering that I’m an impatient person to the core)
But, hey… I try my best to do so when I remember to and keep reminding myself.

Everyone has a fault.. heck… a lot of faults.

Look at yourself in the mirror before pointing at others.
If you call others ugly, what does that make you?

What others say, sometimes, should be remembered.. not forgotten.. even how bad it is.
Because you’re to pick out what’s awesome about yourself and be happy, yet, pinpointing your own faults and work on it, for yourself.

Most of all, those who bring you down should be the very reason to why you should rise above.
At one point in time in my life, for a couple of years, people told me to quit trying to join this field.
They gave the excuse of me not having qualifications in what I wanted to delve in.
Have I not proven enough?
You don’t need paper qualifications to grasp concepts in real time and put it into practice quicker than that graduate with multiple distinctions who can only spew words that might not even form the right final product needed and who has no interest and passion whatsoever.
Honestly, looking back, even I, myself, can’t believe that I did so much in such a short span of time.
That fire burned my desire to fight.
So, I’d still thank them for their negativity.

That’ll bring you to the next part.

Do you hate where you work?
Are you working really long hours (and then going out in the evenings/nights and even on weekends) that you’re barely at home?
Not that you really have to be home 24/7.

You buy an expensive house.
You spent hours slaving away to pay that debt/loan.
And you’re rarely there to savour that “achievement”.

What’s more important to you?

When I heard from another aunt that a distant aunt of mine was happy for the fact that her children are already owning a car each and doing well.
I gave it another thought afterwards.. “so… what’s the big deal here?”.
If you were to do a search on the price of owning a vehicle here…
You’d be saying, that’s absurd!
Because, the other expenses that you’re bogged down with in order to own a car is way more expensive than the value of the car itself.
So, here I’ll say again… what’s the big deal?
It simply means that you’re in a debt when you weren’t in one in the first place.
Because unless you’re a millionaire, don’t lie to me about you’re “rich” just because you own some kind of luxury.

Hey.. maybe I’m wrong to sound like a wet blanket.
But, what’s so awesome about being in a debt with owning a car when the price of an already tiny apartment here forces one to be in debt for 20-30 years?

That’ll bring you over to the next point.

Don’t freak out like I did when I read the title.
Because it sounds outrageously disrespectful.

Ever gave a thought that it actually states the truth?

That’ll bring you to the next point.

How is it that they can spend billions on everything else like war, million-dollar fireworks for celebrations, money to create advertisements for charity?
Yet, have close to nothing for poor people, sick people, lack of education and those innocents who are defenceless in those conflicts?

That’ll bring you to the next part.

Do something.
Say something.

Can the faith in humanity be restored?



Just my point of view.
Good night everyone. ❤


❤ Icesabel


10 thoughts on “What Matters?

  1. What a fantastic and great post. You hit the nail right on the head. Some really great thought to think about. Thank you.
    keep on smiling and hope all is okay on your end. 😀


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