The Wealth Report 2014

The Knight Frank Global Cities Survey keeps track of which cities are of most importance to the world’s wealthiest people.

It ranks cities based on four factors: Economic Activity, Quality of Life, Knowledge & Influence and Political Power, as well as taking into account the number of UHNWIs who call each city home.

This year’s top 10, compared with 2013 and their predicted rankings for 2024.

Rank 2013 2014 2024
1 London London New York
2 New York New York London
3 Singapore Singapore Hong Kong
4 Hong Kong Hong Kong Singapore
5 Geneva Geneva Shanghai
6 Shanghai Shanghai Beijing
7 Dubai Miami Dubai
8 Miami Dubai Miami
9 Paris Beijing Geneva
10 Beijing Paris Mumbai

This year we also list the five fastest growing city hotspots. These are (1) Sao Paulo, (2) Istanbul, (3) Abu Dhabi, (4) Mumbai and (5) Sydney.

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