Open Mind Part 2

You are NEVER going to please everyone.
Full stop!

Honestly, as much as I would love to give zero care about what others think of me.
It still can’t be helped that I feel something biting me sometimes.

As I grew older, I began to respect people who can do so.
I used to think that they were plain annoying.
But, they’ve learned the technique of blocking out so much from their system…
Before it starts tainting their own views at such an early stage…
That I envy them to a point.

There’s always someone who’s against your views and beliefs.
The difference lies in whether they’re able to tolerate or respect or choose to bash everything all up into smithereens with no compassion or conscience.
But, who are we to judge anyone else anyway?
They’ve stepped on too much crap on the way to where they currently are.
That they’ve become like so.
Can’t really be blamed.

I don’t know you.
You don’t know me.
You say something spiteful.
Your mouth/words and your own energy is taken up.
You created the problem, so, deal with it yourself.
Not going to babysit you until you feel appeased.
Hate it?
That’s your own issue, please don’t involve me just because you think that I’m in the picture.
Cool yourself down if you’ve burned yourself out… by yourself.

Instead of spending my energy, time and effort on being upset and angry, I’d rather use it to do something that’s more worthwhile.

❤ Icesabel



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