Would you like to delete? *presses yes*

By now, everyone would’ve known about Facebook buying Whatsapp.
Next, comes the talk about the security of Whatsapp.

WhatsApp, which is to be acquired for $19 billion, says on its website that “communication between your phone and our server is fully encrypted.”
The company warns users need to be aware that when they send messages, the recipient’s device may not be secure.
But it says it does not store any chat history and that messages are wiped off its system after delivery.
Yet security researchers and others point out that there may be vulnerabilities in the system used by some 450 million people globally.

Bla bla bla…

Knowing Facebook – who monetize data.
It’s a good reason enough to change up.

Nearly everyone I know of who’s using a smartphone have been using Whatsapp.
Most of whom know nuts about anything deeper than the usage of a technology, much less even know about security.
But, we’ve been spreading the news and awareness.

Most of us are moving to…. *drum rolls* Telegram!

LOL.. no.. not via the telegram machine, but, the telegram app.


Putting that aside, I found something most intriguingly… roflmao~ disturbing.
What exactly is this???!! O.o

This is up on one of our phone companies’ website.
The only one who offers a land-line phone number to the whole of Singapore, SingTel.

This is an add-on to anyone’s current mobile plan.


Q. What is WhatsApp Pass?
A. WhatsApp Pass offers unlimited local access without incurring any data charges from your use of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Pass applies on data usage incurred by sending or receiving messages, images, video clips and voice messages through WhatsApp in Singapore.
It does not include any other charges that you might incur from using any other data service/apps and the purchase fee of the “WhatsApp” application.
For example, if you visit an external browser link through WhatsApp, your related data usage from visiting the external webpage will not be waived.
Please also note that regular data charges for the use of “Location Share” function and WhatsApp application download/updates will apply.

Q. Am I eligible to subscribe for WhatsApp Pass?
A. To subscribe to WhatsApp Pass, you need to be a SingTel Mobile postpaid subscriber on any SingTel prevailing mobile price plans.

Q. If I sign up for WhatsApp Pass, can I use WhatsApp for free overseas?
A. No, WhatsApp Pass only applies to data transmission charges using WhatsApp locally in Singapore and does not cover data roaming charges using WhatsApp on overseas networks.

WhatsApp Pass Terms & Conditions
  1. WhatsApp Pass add-on is available to all SingTel Mobile postpaid customers on prevailing mobile price plans.
  2. A 12-months contract applies. First 3 months subscription is free; thereafter $6.42 (including GST) per month subscription charge applies.
  3. WhatsApp Pass service applies on data usage in Singapore only. Usage on WhatsApp while roaming is not waived and you may incur roaming charges.
  4. WhatsApp Pass only applies to messages, images, video clips and voice message sent or received within Singapore. Purchase fee of the “WhatsApp” application is not included. Standard data charges for the use of “Location Share” function and WhatsApp application download applies.
  5. WhatsApp Pass add-on service is conditional on fair usage of 1GB per day by customers. SingTel Mobile reserves the right to suspend, modify, any usage abuse of the WhatsApp Pass. All commercial or illegal promotion via this service will be prohibited.
  6. SingTel Mobile shall in no circumstances be held liable for any loss, expense or damage that may result from the use of WhatsApp or WhatsApp Pass.
  7. SingTel Mobile reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate, suspend in whole or in part the WhatsApp Pass without prior notice and without any liability.
  8. In addition to these terms and conditions, this WhatsApp Plan is further subject to SingTel Mobile’s Specific Terms and Conditions of Service (the “Specific Terms and Conditions”) and Singapore Telecommunications Limited’s General Terms and Conditions (the “General Terms and Conditions”), available at: http://info.singtel.com/mobile-terms-and-conditions andhttp://info.singtel.com/terms-general. SingTel Mobile reserves the right to vary any part of these terms and conditions without prior notice and shall have the final decision in any dispute arising from the WhatsApp Pass add-on.


So basically, you’re paying for 1GB worth of data only for the purpose of Whatapp?

Oh c’mon… considering that if you’re on the lowest postpaid plan of $27.90, you get 500 sms, 100MB of data (3G or 4G) and excess data at $10.70/GB with a data bill cap of $188/mth.
Now if you add in $6.00, you have to pay $33.90.
If you add $9.00 on top of that, you can get the next plan, giving you 800 sms, 2 GB of data (3G or 4G) and excess data at $10.70/GB with a data bill cap of $188/mth.

Knowing well that you’d be spending all that data purely for Whatsapp.
No surfing of the web and making it a hotspot for your other mobile devices like laptop (if you don’t have a 3G modem) or ipad/tablet (if it doesn’t come with a sim placement).
Plus, the fact that you’re paying for someone to benefit out of this (*cough* spies *coughs* spams *coughs* whatever crap *cough*).
I need a cough medicine. +_+

Oh… whatever..
You guys can do whatever you like.



❤ Icesabel


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