Another Course

I was pretty sleepy just now.
But, decided to do my online course nonetheless.
We were informed (last month) that everyone had to take up this security course by the Red Cross before we are allowed to travel.
Considering the rise in threats around the region.
I’ve no plans to go overseas for work for the next month or so, but, I might need to in May.

Did it in about a little more than an hour.
Supposedly a 3-4 hours course.
After each chapter, there was a mini test you’d have to pass before doing the next one.
At the end of it all, there was a big test which determined your grading.

I actually like the course… lol.
Very beneficial in many ways, not only when travelling to high-risks countries and places.
Made me awake even though I was already half brain-dead before doing the course. +_+

Thinking of taking a few more courses.
Was already talking to my boss about one for an emergency response-based training which is going to be held next month (which I found via Google).
Hoping that my Asia IT team and I could be sponsored for the course.
Done my part in getting more info from the organiser.
Still waiting for him to get approval.

Depending on my savings, if I can spare 2k or so, I might want to take up another IT course on my own accord.
Since I’ve been promoted and moving ahead as the lead, hoping to buck up some skills I’ve yet to hone.
Talking about this, the HR director from the other organisation that has offered me a job at their place called me on my mobile this afternoon.
She was pretty nice on talking openly and discussing on why I’ve decided to stay at my current place and that I could always call back if I needed a place.
Whuuutt? O.o
That’s a bit.. ermm.. weird.. well.. err… too nice.. in fact.
I’m going to stay for another year or two.
I think I’m still too ambitious to want to step down from regional work to do only national work.

Let’s see how things go from here. 🙂

Stay safe ❤
Shucks… why’d I say that?…. must be the earlier course’s after-effects.. >_>


❤ Icesabel



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