Keep Quiet Already! Sigh~

Dear Diary,

I appreciate the help from some of them.
But, I’m tired of this.
I feel more like the bad guy rather than getting without asking.
I don’t want it to seem that I’m threatening anyone.
After all, I’ve been talking, asking, requesting… waiting for months.
Did all of them thought that it was a passing statement all the time?

When I explained, the explanation is more like a blaming game.

It hurts so bad to hear “we need you here”.
Just because what my brain comprehends is “if we can find someone who can do and know the system inside out right now, we wouldn’t mind you leaving”.
Maybe I’ve become pessimistic towards the situation.

I just want to get over this.
For 2 nights, I could drink a big mug of tea, but yet, still sleep soundly!
For a fact, I can’t drink anything with caffeine from 4pm onwards or else I’d be having insomnia all night long, even if it’s just a sip!
Too tired and frustrated to care.

For the past few days, everyone else was shuffling around while I stood in the middle with both my hands and arms up.
I give up!
I’ve fought long enough for myself.
I’m just tired of all these.

I know what I want.
Do they?


❤ Icesabel


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