Whaaat? Omg

Dear Diary,

I’m stoked!
Other than, yes, they did offer me the job.
The HR director was so sweet.
But, I didn’t know that I was interviewed by the CEO herself the other day.
Only because I saw a newspaper article framed on the wall on the way out of the office.

Here, the noob me thought that she was a HR manager.
Stupid me!
I should’ve asked before coming down the other day.
Well, it’s not as if anything would’ve changed even if I knew… I think.

Ok, so tomorrow’s the day I talk to my boss about my current place’s promotion offer.
I feel like a commodity.

Earlier I said that the HR director had 20% to coax me to join them.
What spell did she use?
I’ve been enticed!
The only downfall is that I will only get a no-pay leave for my wedding/honeymoon leave later on.
Although, they’re pretty flexible and wouldn’t mind me taking that long holiday.

Maybe I should give it another thought.
After the discussion with my boss.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Whaaat? Omg

    • True. I’d agree with you. But, I didn’t anticipate a promotion at my place a day after I was invited for the second interview (today). I wanted to leave because I was overworked and thought that my work was not recognised by the management. I guess I was wrong and not patient enough. I applied for the new job in Dec though but they called me in feb. Thanks for the advice though 🙂 ❤


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