The Broken Ones

Sorry, I have no idea who the artwork is from.
My DA account has been deleted a long time ago and this was done around 4 years ago.
The poem is mine though.

Such a broken girl I was.

Anyway, give a little listen to this song.

I can’t help it, I love the broken ones
The ones who need the most patching up
The ones who have never been loved
And oh maybe I see a part of me in them
The missing piece always trying to fit in
The shattered heart, hungry for a home.
No you’re not alone, I love the broken ones.

A lot of us have been broken one time or another.
This song… hits me right to the core.

I love the broken ones more so than those who aren’t.
But, I won’t be that judgemental towards the latter.
When you start seeing, feeling and then, remembering a similar event happening.
Watching someone else doing something, but, yet, seeing yourself in their shoes instead.
You see yourself at the other end.

I’ve been broken many more times than I can count them out via memory.
Sometimes, I see my life… so beautifully painted.
Yet, beneath the surface, I see a sad little girl trying to build her own pathway alone.
Sometimes, in tears… sometimes, with a smile.

But, the best part of it all is to write all these down.
Happy or sad parts.
Good or bad.
Because some day, I would love to read all of these.
Hoping… so hoping… that I can say,

“What a silly girl I’ve been. I might’ve been broken a lot of times, but, with those pieces, I’ve continuously and consistently build something new, better and stronger.”


❤ Icesabel


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