30 kinds of people you meet on Valentine’s Day

To note… I don’t celebrate V-day, but, this is what I’ve been seeing yesterday.

  1. Such is a perfect day to ask someone you’ve been having a crush on, just to be pushed away or friendzoned
  2. The one who is still not over a past love, depressed and having it even tougher on that day
  3. The forever alone
  4. The one who has truly have lost their loved ones (passed away) and is feeling really emotional
  5. The one who has been in a relationship for years ❤
  6. The one who loves him/herself more than anyone else
  7. The one who hates everyone
  8. The one who goes the extra mile to celebrate such a day
  9. The one who is forced to spend extravagantly for that one day
  10. The gold-digger
  11. The lovey-dovey ones who love to show their PDA (public display of affection)
  12. The “I’m not rich, but, at least I did something” (bananas, anyone?)
  13. The “OMG.. I finally found THE ONE” on that very day
  14. The poet
  15. The stalker
  16. The bitter one
  17. The girls night out for single girls only
  18. The gamer who needs a second player to play a game
  19. The oblivious one
  20. The one with no feelings
  21. The busy one
  22. The proposal
  23. The one who celebrates it “quietly” and doesn’t make a huge fuss
  24. The one who finds that reason
  25. The drunk (drowned in alcohol)
  26. The binge-eater (drowned in food… chocolates, anyone?)
  27. The “amnesia love” where they become strangers the day after
  28. The pitiful one
  29. The one who wants to evade the day (or probably, wants to save money to hold a wedding day cum anniversary cum valentine’s day event)
  30. Last, but not least, the ones, like me and my other half, who don’t celebrate V-Day.
    Stayed home for dinner after work while watching tv and playing random games like any other day.
    V-day? What V-day?


❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “30 kinds of people you meet on Valentine’s Day

  1. My husband has no idea how lucky he is that I do not expect anything for Valentine’s day. In fact, he is forbidden to acknowledge the day in any way, so no pressure for him to find the perfect gift, come up with the perfect date, remember my favorite flower or compose the perfect note. I think the holiday is bogus, one made up by the greeting card, flower and chocolate companies. Why should you need a specific day marked on the calendar to tell someone you love them? I choose not to celebrate it because over the course of my life that particular day has racked up so much hurt that even though I’m no longer alone, I can’t stand the memories Valentine’s day exhumes. It’s not that I hate the holiday or go in for ‘Black Valentine’s Day’ bashes, I simply prefer to let the day pass completely unnoticed. Nice job cataloging all the types of V-day people and I think I land squarely in your own category.


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