Decisions… decisions

Slept early last night.
Although, my mind has definitely been thinking a lot.
So, it wasn’t a 100% restful night.
But, still feeling fresh, overall!

My 2nd job interview I spoke about earlier would be on this coming Monday.
My boss who’ll be flying in to Singapore, on that same day, will have a face-to-face talk with me on Tuesday (he’s not based here).

Even though I’ve not gotten the full view of both ends yet, 80% of me has agreed upon staying.
The new job is as a Systems Analyst (country-wide, but, only local work).
My promotion would be as the Asia Regional IT Operations Lead.
Seriously.. what’s with me?
It’s not as if the names speak much about how the load goes.. >_>

But, I’ve nearly forgotten about my upcoming wedding, which is in the third quarter of this year!
I need my vacation days ready, plus, I wouldn’t need to worry so much, compared to being new to somewhere and be stressed with my wedding plans (and aftermath) as well.
Because, I’ll still be on a 2-3 months resignation notice anyway.
By the time everything’s done with, it’s already nearing my wedding date!
It wouldn’t be nice at all to leave people “stranded” when I’m still new.
Maybe the pay won’t be as satisfying (then again, both are non-profit organisations!) for my current place, but, I’ll give it another go until the end of this year.
At least, I do know that my boss will cover me.

If it’s too stressful for me, since, they wish to increase my work duration to a 24/7 standby job.
That does not coincide well with my life philosophy at all.
I’ll negotiate further or something along the line.


I know that I’ve yet to listen to the new job’s HR director, but, they’ve got that 20% to try to win me.
Although, I doubt they can give leeway as much, since, I’m in this situation.
If they do, I’m as good as going back to the drawing board.


❤ Icesabel



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