Still so messy

My head is still feeling hazy.
I was quite blurred out the whole morning.
Everything I typed had a typo error.

Apparently, the day after the job interview that I attended last Tuesday….
I received an email from them for me to come for a second round, this time with a HR director.
That was quick!
Wasn’t expecting that.
If they’re calling a HR director after the HR manager and another guy.. ermm.. not sure what post he has.. talked to me earlier.
It probably has to be something more conclusive.
Which… is making me go crazy!!!!

Half my heart still wants to stay.

My boss dropped the bomb just now whilst having a conference meeting with my asia regional team.
Our global IT has restructured and… well.. I kind of get promoted.
Kind of, because, I HAVE been doing what I’m supposed to for that newly created post for the past few months.
I have been delegated a bigger role since I covered for my boss during his long holidays last year.
It’s just that HQ decides to have it officially recognised for the other regions as well.
Oooookay… so, that’s that, apart from placing me into a 24/7 spot (I feel like swearing here).
I want my me time!
If I had a choice, I wouldn’t place my career above my health and personal life.
Sure, I’m a workaholic.

But, I love my gaming time (WITHOUT any interference from anyone).
I love to just enjoy doing nothing sometimes.
I don’t want to overwork myself because I tend to use up my energy quickly.
Probably because I walk a lot by skipping bus rides, exercise on the sideline and I’m underweight.
Don’t have much fats to burn off except depending on my usual stamina.
Plus, if I don’t get my daily 8 hours of sleep… poof.. I become a monster! ;…;

I’d prefer the job scope of my current work than the other one.
But, the other one is a confirmed “office hours only, Monday-Saturday”.
Neither has given me a salary amount yet.
I feel like the bidding time whilst weighing the pros and cons are coming up soon.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Still so messy

  1. Well I am sure you come to terms one way or another. But a 24/7 job. They better be paying right.
    hehe and poof become a monster. like a game character. skinny sure. but strong can turn in a monster and out run you all.
    But true we need our time as well.
    Fingers crossed and keep smiling


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