Wondering whether I should even say this.
Oh well…
Here goes.

Has anyone even ever gone through this?
It has only happened 3 times in my life.

When it’s pretty quiet around me at night.
I’m doing something, but, nothing that requires critical thinking.
Pretty relaxed.

The next thing I knew, I hear voices.
A lot of them.
From kids to adult women and men.
All of them talking simultaneously.
Yet, it doesn’t make me confused or irritated in any way.
Each individual is talking with whomever they’re speaking to.
So, it’s more like a lot of conversations at once.
Someone is crying.. someone is shouting.. someone is laughing.
It feels like being in a room filled with people talking and reacting in their own group.

After a few minutes of being “stunned” by the weird episode, I’d try to tell myself to “get out of it”.
Not that I can control it.
So I’d be ignoring it and continued to do my own thing.
Eventually, the voices faded out altogether.

It isn’t schizophrenia because they aren’t interacting with me at all.
In addition to that, they weren’t bothering me.
I could even ignore it anyway.
I still hear them, but, it’s more of like me busy playing a game in a really noisy cyber cafe…
Where a lot of different groups are having their own conversations and drama.
Nothing troublesome.

It’s not that I have any sort of evidence that I’m hearing what’s really happening in my own neighbourhood (it’s silent out there).
Or maybe it’s some sort of memory being triggered (some sort of sleep walking episode while being wide awake) that probably happened earlier.

I didn’t really bother to try to listen to any particular conversation.
Even if I did, you won’t be able to get much from this forgetful girl.
I tend to remember random things though. O_o


❤ Icesabel


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