ESO Beta Weekend

Placed my name since I first heard of ESO.
Didn’t get it. /sigh
2 days back, entered my name again.
Apparently, the beta signup seemed to be in a newer designed page.
I got an invite this morning for this weekend’s test and henceforth.
Although, it feels crap that I’ve only gotten it because of a stress test.

FYI… If you’re a premium Curse member, you’d be able to get a free key.

Well, since I can’t share any info and pics whilst playing.. I’ll do it after it has been officially released.
If I remember to, that is.

Well, I wanted to give this a go now because

  • It’s going live, a week after D3’s RoS.
  • Since I’m going to be spending a fair amount for D3’s Collector’s Edition, I’m not really keen in spending another bulk for the next few months on something new before the first game depreciates its value. Tight budget this year, but, does not mean I have to forgo gaming.
  • Want to know which is a better investment. Although, my other half has asked me to go over to RoS.
  • I can’t level both at the same time. >_>

Alright then…
See you guys in ESO beta (if you’re playing it).


❤ Icesabel


3 thoughts on “ESO Beta Weekend

  1. Wow. Just wow. If I was able to play games at the moment I would so be on this! D3 and ESO! YES! Hope you have great fun with both 🙂


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