Pretty Hurts

I love the meaning of the song.
I love her voice.

Unfortunately, I don’t really fancy the hypocrisy.
For one, she has a nose surgery.
Two, she’s already naturally beautiful (since the beginning) and is using it to her own benefit, except that she does work hard at working out to not be very overweight, so she can easily say those things.

Okay.. okay.. you don’t necessarily need to be ugly to say what you think about this.
But, it’s still tougher on media-inclined “not-so-perfect” girls out there who actually cares about what others say.

I still love the message that is being portrayed though.

It’s the soul that needs the surgery.


I guess the rich can get away with staying pretty and younger-looking longer.
But, how beautiful is beautiful?
Plus, are they beautiful on the inside?

It’s easier to say it than to really be able to push all the voices away.
For a very long time, I was being made fun of by so many kids when I was young for my crooked teeth and other imperfections.
Eventually, I got braces when I started to work and got my own pay.
How my exs pointed out my physical imperfections AND compared me to other girls who are by default very beautiful girls.
That hurt like hell… to be compared and brought down upon.
My relatives keep poking fun at me for years that I’d never have a bf or get married because I’m super skinny.
As if it was my fault that I could never gain weight even how hard I tried to. >_>

Although I did nothing to change anything else other than my teeth.. braces is an ouch factor… that made my cheeks sunken in.

Mine wasn’t because of media.
It was because I grew up thinking that I really am ugly.
It wasn’t just one or two people.
It was A WHOLE LOT of people, since I was young until.. well.. my relatives still say I’m ugly and skinny (but this one didn’t bother me any more).
The only people who said I was pretty was a few other exs and my other half.
Not even my own mum or grandma who took care of me said I was pretty.. not that I ever asked for their opinion about it.

I eventually saw that it was their own insecurities, being plain irritating, asking for the impossible perfection or they themselves believe in the media, that made them say what they did.

It wasn’t my soul that needed surgery.
It was theirs.
Resorting to hurting me, whether they realised it or not.
I don’t have much luck in life anyway.
Oh well~

Enjoy the song.


❤ Icesabel


2 thoughts on “Pretty Hurts

  1. Comparisons never go well, I think that is one step to working on our soul. Stop comparisons, of ourselves and other people. I’m sorry so many people made you feel that way in your life. I really like your message though. For what it’s worth, you seem beautiful to me. Inside and out.


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