Bang bang~ I shot you down…

I was a HUGE fan of Robocop.
Watched the movies (including the sequels) quite a number of times.
Weird enough, I actually hate watching a movie twice, unless I wanted to watch something about it again.
This one was an exception.

Just got back from watching the new version of Robocop.
Gosh.. the storyline is definitely different, that’s for sure.
Fighting scenes right from the beginning and constantly on the go, which is great!
Although, not awesome enough to keep me on the edge of my seat.
A bit straight-up “disney-like ending” for every wronged person that was taken down and even the eventual conclusion.

Wouldn’t want to compare between the original and the current one, since the new one seems pretty independent on its own.
Rather than incorporating anything more than the human-robot debate and the basic essentials such as the names from the old one.
Somehow, it lacked the elements of real emotions.
It was too rigid, straight forward and you could pretty much guess where point A will lead you to.
I remember crying while watching the old one.
Trust me.. even Titanic couldn’t put its finger on my emotions (I do know that a lot of girls and women ~ehem.. even men cried while watching that).
Wait a minute… that’s a completely different movie.. haha. XD
But, you get the drift.

Yeah.. I was a tomboy… erm.. hehe.. probably still am.
Robocop. *hearts flying around*

*me with my virtual food.. lol.. nah.. waiting for lunch+dinner to be served, before catching the movie*


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Bang bang~ I shot you down…

  1. More and more remakes are made and some are just well not cutting it to the original. sure more action packed better graphics.. fine.. i get that.. but why fuck up the story line.
    it is a shame. but then again Robocop is not the only one. I liked the first one very much.. second was very very shiny LOL

  2. I’m also worried about the remake, seems like it is a remake of TJ Lazer not RoboCop! (Do you remember TJ Lazer from the original RoboCop?) 🙂

    • I remember T J Laser. A fiction show in a fiction movie. 😛 Hmm.. I don’t think so.. but, I still don’t really like the remake anyway. You have’t caught it yet, have you?


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