My body is aching!

I went running on Thursday (alone) and yesterday (with my other half) evening.
Been getting tired way too often and too much to the point that I knew that something had to be done.
So… I did that something.

He’s already going to gym a few times a week.
Mostly because he had to build the muscles of his legs up again after his knee operation a few months back.
Caused by soccer as he was an avid player.
But.. now, we’re having some trouble with paying a couple of things.
Umm.. oh well.

Memories flashing back when I went to that stadium where I used to always train at.
I started joining sprinting and long-distance running competitions since I was 7.
Always got scolded by my grandma (she took care of me when I was young) because I went swimming nearly every evening and went home late.
By 16, got a handful of trophies in hand.. only first or second.
There was always someone on par with me. ;…;
That was when I joined martial arts.
Leisure cycling for a couple, nearly everyday of the week, whilst in poly.
By the time I went to university, I was in the sports division in the Students’ Representative Council.
Deteriorated after I graduated from that last portion of my school life, due to laziness and now, I’m going back to that.

Would only quit if there’s not good a reason enough to do so.
Don’t think I was underweight all my life because of that though.

But, that was where I trained my running day in.. day out.
The same place I went yesterday.

Back to basics!!!
Rhythmic breathing through my mouth.
Plus, diaphragm breathing, reminds me of when I was in choir last time.. lol~
The people around me seemed extremely quiet compared to my noisy breathing.
But, who cares.
Thinking of going for swimming in laps instead of running, but, feels kinda troublesome.
Not even caring for the fact that it was my second day of my period on Thursday and was still on a pretty painful mode.

Anyway, I’ve been having more free time since I’ve not been gaming.
Until the next game then.
But, hopefully, I’ll still be able to slot in a day or two for my training.
Been loving this extra energy!


❤ Icesabel



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