Close to perfection

Have you ever asked your partner what s/he want?


Let me list out mine.

You can forget our anniversary date, but, do celebrate our love every day of our lives.

You don’t need to buy me an expensive diamond ring, but, take the initiative to make me happy as often as possible.

You’ll melt my heart a billion times more than any other affectionate gesture by kissing my forehead and holding my hand… oh wait.. tulips. ❤

You don’t need to be rich, but, please work hard for the everyday needs of our family.

You don’t have to be a clown or joker, but, be the opposite of me to balance out my strict and serious character.

You don’t always have to be strong in front of me, I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.

You don’t need to be good-looking / muscular / bla bla, you’ll always be the most pleasing looking person to look at as long as you groom as per normal, that every time I see you, makes me feel at ease and at peace.

You don’t have to be the smartest person, but, never stop learning about everything at any point in time.

You don’t need to be perfect, just be the most loving and caring person to me, our family and others around us.

Please be the head of the family and lead us to Jannah.



I’m just horrible at dates. It’s not to say that I don’t appreciate the date of when we first “got together”. But, wouldn’t it be sweeter and more practical to treat each other specially as often as possible instead for the long run?

Somehow, based on past experiences, happiness is pretty much more important to me than materialistic things.

Yes.. yes.. and YES.

I’ll be marrying someone who’s pay is lesser than mine (wrote about it a few months back). But, so what? A person who works honestly and hard for his family is way more important.

I’m just that. The serious person that I am. I need that balance.

Everyone has their highs and lows. Let me be there throughout it all.

I used to be so insecure that I didn’t want to date anyone who was very good-looking (although my current one always have admirers). I still act weird around good looking people though, it makes me uneasy. I never did like muscular guys. Actually, kind of the opposite of good-looking in my dictionary.. sorry, not trying to say it’s bad. Just my taste. I’ve always been into geeky, puppy-eyed, sweet, quiet, intelligent guys who can talk to me on different stances, gamer or someone who can understand my insane need to game non-stop sometimes or someone who shares the same interest in sports as me.

Never stop learning. I love learning and I’d want that someone to understand that life is a never-ending learning journey.

Love and care. Me, family, everyone.

You’d have to research a little about Islam to understand the last sentence.


❤ Icesabel


6 thoughts on “Close to perfection

    • Thanks. 🙂

      Yeah… different people like different kinds of partners. Just that, I think media just keeps showing everyone that “women like men with good bodies”, making everyone thinks that that is true, when it’s entirely true. >_<


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