Time Away

Oh shucks… I didn’t even notice that it’s been that long since I wrote a post or read anyone’s posts. =/


This girl has been stealing my time whenever I was free from any daily ties.

But… I’m thinking of stopping to play this.

I don’t think it was sudden, but, more to gradually, losing interest in it.
Not that I hate it.
But, there were a couple of reasons to why I’ve grown weary of it.
In fact, my gaming mode is waning away.
I don’t even have the mood to even crave for another or a new game.

It’s the least of my problems though.

There has been a handful of issues in my mind.
Not that they’re huge individually, but, as a whole, it’s weighing me down.
Yet, it’s been pretty peaceful lately even with all the bustling of little problems coming and going.
Peaceful enough to give me peaceful night sleeps and relax myself more often.

Oh yeah.. I’m meeting up with a new makeup-artist and wed-planner tomorrow evening.
Hopefully, it’ll be good and I can be satisfied with the trial.

Time is ticking away too quickly.
It’s already the third quarter of January!

Funny that for years, I’ve been yearning and waiting to get out of this house.
When the time is nearing for me to move out by the end of this year, I’m starting to feel that I don’t want to leave.
Maybe because my mum and me are starting to bond, well, at a snail-pace, but, better than it used to… which was probably once every 6 months (in good terms).
Maybe we could feel that we’re “leaving” each other.
But, still, I’m mostly excited to move on with the next chapter of my life.

I would love to dwindle and talk more, but, it’s really late right now and I’d better go to bed.

Take care peeps~


❤ Icesabel


8 thoughts on “Time Away

  1. so fast stopping, u play way too fast. what lvl are you now?
    I reached 52 yesterday. wished i played a bard, they are always hard to find.

    • Fast? Maybe the first weekend. Got a lot of things going in last week. I don’t only game, I’ve been busy with work and going out.

      Even playing as a dps, there’s two things about healers in this game.
      — One, the healer who doesn’t know how to keep dot heals on all the time. Causing constant death to not one, but the whole group even on so-called easy mobs. I practically have to request for it or advise them to keep it on us. Uhmm.. GG >_>
      — Two, the crap tank who knows nuts about pulling properly and causes the death of the healer and then blames the healer of being a noob. Poor healer gets bullied even when I defend them.

      I made a healer during CB and gave it up. I guess people who love being healers are just really patient and love to give and give and give. Good luck on that. ^_^

  2. i loved healing in ffxiv arr but thought of trying a dps in this game.
    I guess not everyone knows how to play their class properly.


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