For the country

Conscription in Singapore, called National Service (NS), requires all male Singaporean citizens and non-first-generation permanent residents who have reached the age of 18 to enroll for national service.
They serve a 22- or 24-month period as Full Time National Servicemen (NSFs), either in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

There has been quite a number of casualties and even death for some innocent boys while going through their NS.
Just a few days back, the child of someone I know of broke down, fainted and stayed in a traumatic situation for some time.
The camp seniors refused to reveal any details and didn’t call his mother until more than half a day later.
Which they finally sent him to a hospital as their medics couldn’t handle the situation.
Although, I would say that his mother has pampered him that might’ve reached to a point where he hasn’t entailed himself into the harsh reality.
But, on the other hand, it doesn’t give them the liberty to push people to the extreme.
It’s quite subjective to define extreme though.


The news has been around for a long time, but, the guys in Singapore wants the girls to serve NS as well.
On my end, I wouldn’t mind.

A (not so secret anymore) secret I’ve not told anyone:
I applied to join the Police Force after I graduated from Polytechnic.
I got rejected without been given any reasoning.
Somehow, I was fixated that it was because I was underweight and short because I know how meticulous I was with filling in the form and giving my certifications, details and whatnot.
The minimum weight and height for female applicant has to be 45 kg and at least 1.57 m tall.

So, it goes that after all the bla bla between my mum and ex-bf, I went to university instead.

I wasn’t a really girly girl for a long time, still think I’m not.
I grew up with boys; I love soccer and gaming, I used to hang out with skaters and bikers guys in my teens, yes, I love biking (bicycle, not motorbikes) and spent 2 years in martial arts.
Even for martial arts, I got cut off and gave up and quit because I couldn’t join any competitions even though I trained hard whilst hoping to gain weight on time because of the minimum weight requirement for the age group.
It was useless to try to gain weight, I lost more than I did gaining after I gave up on the regime.


NS for girls?

I do get it that if you’d want girls to obtain skills such as first aid, survival skills and leading the young and old to safety in times of emergency, self-defense and whatnot.
Filling up other roles.
Leadership courses, posting to other units such as medics, logistics, administrative positions for combat units, etc.
That seems fair.

But, by the low birth rate in this country, re-servist (the aftermath) would probably strike a problem.


Those who want the girls to join because of another reason.
For which, a lot of girls nowadays are pampered and are bi*ches who would only want rich and good looking men and eventually marry non-locals.
The funny portion is on why your standard is of that sort.
Why is your choice based on locals only?
You’re probably looking at the wrong crowd.
It’s already a blessing that you didn’t waste your time (and probably money) on the wrong ones in the first place.
Would NS even change their attitude and character for the better?
Try checking that results out for those who have already gone through it.
Some aren’t even changed as a person, not all though.
If the girls start to “man up” as you’ve wanted them to be, would you be able to handle them afterwards?


But, don’t… please don’t touch the topic on equality.

Don’t even go there.
First hand experience for years that I’ve been REJECTED from being in my scope of work (I used to job hop a lot) because they think that girls can’t carry heavy things.
I’ve carried heavy x-U sized equipment, the heavy pure metal server doors and practically everything to do with IT by myself.
Who are they to judge my physique?
Not just as a girl, but, an underweight girl.
It just takes the right technique not to hurt one’s self.
Even mentally, as girls, unless it’s software-based, a lot of people still think we’re not technically inclined.
So, I get “downgraded” often.

What equality?!!?
You’re whining out of your own circle of insecurity as well.

Sure, as humans, we have our weaknesses.

Forget about us having menstrual monthly pain.
I know I’m one of those unfortunate ones who have horrible cramps without fail.
The first day is the worst.
It hurts so bad that I can’t even do anything.
It hurts to lie down, sit down, stand up, roll on the bed, walk…
Exercise, warm water, nothing helps except the higher end painkillers because the milder ones that I’ve tried all these time doesn’t work.

Or even the ones who have gone through labor.

Would the guys then share the household chores and with being a house husband as well with the kids and whatnot?


Hey… if I did have the salary enough for a family of 4, I’d actually prefer my future husband to be a house husband.
Somehow.. I’m weird enough to have that thought since I was young.
But, I’m not that rich.
Well, I wish I am! +_+
Oh well.


❤ Icesabel


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