In the nude

I… LOVE nude makeup!
Don’t even go to the point of nude on something else… you pervert.

I know a lot of people who are unable to differentiate between no makeup and natural/nude/minimal makeup.


A natural beauty is someone who looks good WITHOUT makeup.


A natural/nude/minimal makeup look has makeup on, but, the enhancements are pretty subtle.


Okay.. so here are the examples of natural/nude/minimal makeup.

Those who aren’t too familiar with the world of makeup can get confused on this and would be wondering…
Aren’t they naturally beautiful?

Well… technically, everyone is beautiful.
It’s when the different societies start creating a definition of beauty in their own terms, that, others seem “ugly” in their eyes.


What exactly is natural/nude/minimal makeup anyway?

It’s when someone plays up their natural features.
They use colours that blend in with the natural colours of their skin/hair/lips, making it look “invincible”.
Nothing colourful… no blue or green or purple.
Mostly, browns, beige, golds, soft pinks/orange/red and black.
Dewy, smooth or near to perfection skin.
So, their dark rings, discolourations or veins are covered with concealer.
Skin brightener and highlights/shadows.
Plumped, luscious or just plain healthy-looking lips.
Tamed brows, filling up any sparse or empty spots.
Thick and dark eyelashes that opens up the eyes and makes the person look more awake and fresh.

It goes as simple as just with mascara and lipbalm.
Whoossshhh… there goes a difference in the look.
Especially for those with already nice pure-naturally healthy-looking skin.

Without makeup, their flaws will become prominent.
So, natural/nude/minimal makeup is still an illusion.
As “unreal” as normal to thick makeup.


So, why makeup?

Makeup is supposed to make a person look more presentable.
It’s nice to show the world a fresh-face, a person who’s happy and positive.
At the very least, wash up and keep yourself clean. >_<
*Except for the unfortunate ones who are unable to do so, which is understandable.

Makeup is fun.
It can make you look really beautiful on special events.
You have choices of colours and different types of creams/liquids/glitter/etc depending on your occasion and mood.
Turns you into a scary zombie or gorgeous fairy princess on Halloween.

Makeup is not supposed to make you look like someone other than yourself, on a daily basis.
Especially when you’re getting married to someone who’ll eventually see the real you.

But, hey… if you have a wonderful disposition, just be yourself!
It shines out way better than skin-deep beauty.

That million-dollar smile is way sweeter and cuter than any makeup that covers your face.


Plus, with the ever-so-increasing popularity of barbie-looking plastics and other enhancements, you’d need the next step of identifying a natural beauty.
The news, about “ugly” kids who were being given birth to that shocked their partners, are getting more nowadays.

Somehow, every time my partner seems so engrossed with the Korean pop girls, I’d just randomly say…
“Go ahead and move over there…
You can have all the plastic girls whenever you want to.
But, don’t come back to me when you see the real truth about everything.”
You’d have to watch documentaries to know of their psychological deficits.
It doesn’t portray the whole community, but, one can’t help, but, see how unhappy they often are.
It’s a vicious cycle once they step into it.

But, I’m not going to talk about this topic.
Not today.


I have been learning about makeup since I was a teenager.
But, never used it until much later.

I enjoyed going to the library to read on makeup books by Kevyn Aucoin, Bobbi Brown, Robert Jones, Ray Morris and more.
During that time, the internet world was still on dial-up, so, you can imagine that it isn’t as easy as it is right now to get to makeup videos.
Nah… I didn’t love it to the point of wanting to be a makeup artist at all.
Yet, love it enough to enjoy the art of it.

At the age of 18, after graduating with my diploma in IT, my mum asked if I wanted to take up a makeup diploma and pursue in it as a career.
That she’d pay for the private school expenses.
Since we rarely communicate, it surprised me.. a lot.
But, I declined her offer.
There wasn’t enough passion for it.

Looking back, I should’ve gone for that instead of the degree in banking and finance. lol
That was a real-life nightmare.
Hated and cursed it every single day of my life whilst studying that.


Well, going back to the start…
Yup.. nude makeup is just awesome.

So, if you come across a natural beauty… think again.


❤ Icesabel


3 thoughts on “In the nude

  1. Always scrape lol. ha ha and if you can tell they have lots on use a sledge hammer to peel of the make-up.
    i only look at the obviously.and they use to much
    I like the natural look best even if it is make -up
    Great post there an it made me smile
    hope you are smiling to.


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